Having strong values and sticking to those values is really what sets us apart from other marketing agencies. It’s refreshing to be part of a team that cares about our clients, each other and how we find success. Our values are printed on a glass wall in our office to remind us what’s important to us and what it means to work at StringCan. I asked each team member to think about our values and which one they liked most.

If you have a favorite, please comment and let us know!




Walk in Clients’ and Their Customers’ Shoes

Although all of our values are so important, I feel like this value really encompasses why we do what we do every day. As a marketer, we want to understand the client’s needs, such as growing their business, but we also need to take it a step further and understand why their customers need our client’s product or service. What drives and motivates them? What needs do they need met? Where are they most likely to find our client’s business and listen to what they have to say? When we truly dive into all aspects of our client’s business, we are fully prepared to do our best work!



Get Results and Celebrate the Wins

This is hard because all of the StringCan values are my favorite but because I can only choose one it would have to be “Get Results and Celebrate the Wins”. I love this value because after a huge team or company win, it reminds us to take a second to reflect on all that we accomplished. We’re all about goal setting so when we stop to focus on the wins it reminds us why we set the goal in the first place. Big or small, StringCan loves celebrating and this helps motivate everyone on the team to work hard and get rewarded!



Be Present and Speak Your Mind

My favorite StringCan value is being present and speaking your mind. I think this is such a huge part of any successful team because it promotes attention to detail and honest communication. Being present is a crucial part of effective communication and productivity, and if we aren’t able to share what’s on our minds we can’t make some of the tougher decisions that are needed to push our company forward.



The Last 1% Means Everything

I have found both personally and professionally, it’s the smallest details that take a relationship to the next level. As an example, when it comes to clients, we do a great job asking the right questions to ensure we obtain the answers to properly scope out their project. This ensures we understand expectations, as well as, can uncover the most cost-effective and efficient way to exceed goals.We then map out all the detailed steps in our project management system that includes a few days at the end of the project plan to ensure we have time to live our values. We almost always complete projects a few days before completion and we take that extra time, even though likely out of scope, to look at our results and recommendations with a fresh perspective and often uncover additional opportunities. The client likely won’t know our team went that last 1% but when we present the final deliverable and that one specific additional enhancement we made makes them light up we know the extra effort was worth it.



Bring Solutions, Not Problems

In business, and in life, it can be so easy to identify a challenge and then complain about it or throw your hands up in defeat. But it takes courage and maturity to see that challenge, own your part in it (if applicable) and then get to work figuring out how to solve it. When it comes to helping clients achieve their goals, it’s all the more important to offer solutions and recommendations when any roadblocks arise, so you can be the trusted advisor you’re aiming to be. I always strive to be a solution-offerer, instead of a problem-dweller!


Robin Bramman

Be a Trusted Advisor and Walk in Clients’ and Their Customers’ Shoes

I’m Robin Bramman and I am StringCan’s trusted Brand Strategy Partner, so it was hard for me to choose between the Trusted Advisor value and the Walk in Clients and their Customer’s Shoes value. Both values represent my passion for brand support internally to StringCan and to their clients.  In my brand strategy work, I always say, “experience the brand before branding the experience”, so my first step in my brand process is context before clarity. I become a brand detective and get to know the company, their customer, the market and their competitors. I truly walk in their customers shoes to fully understand their personal journey with the company and what motivates them to become a brand advocate. While I am digging into the brand my StringCan colleagues are working to uncover their exact customer persona and determine how to reach them through digital channels, it is so exciting when we present our gaps and opportunities to help accelerate StringCan’s clients business growth from their customers perspective.



Walk-in Clients’ and Their Customers’ Shoes

At StringCan we like to have partners, not “clients”. This value, in particular, speaks on that and encourages us to be trusted partners for our clients. By thinking about challenges from our client’s point of view we are able to be agile and proactive in solving our client’s problems.


Sarah Hiller

Bring Solutions, Not Problems

This is a value we’ve held here since before I started and one that we really live by every single day. When I started it was so refreshing to work at an organization that valued your solutions. It really empowers the employee to think about their issue, evaluate its severity, and consider solutions before presenting it to others. This makes problem solving in our organization so much more efficient, and the employee and company are so aligned, the team knows how to solve issues more quickly. We empower, we don’t micromanage.



Bring Solutions, Not Problems

No one likes having problems, but they’re unfortunately unavoidable. I think it’s a really great exercise both personally and professionally to bring solutions to the table as you discuss problems so you can solve them quickly and in the best way possible. I’m all about doing things efficiently as best as we possibly can. At StringCan we do a really great job at this, which helps shows our clients we’re truly an extension of their team.