As much as we like to believe that we’re going to stick with our health and fitness resolutions every year, instead, try starting the New Year with a resolution to focus on forming mutually beneficial relationships. Your business is unlike any other. Your unique brand, superior products and services, and remarkable message are a few factors that separate you from the rest. Your brand deserves a digital marketing agency who cares about your business as much as you do.

You should select a qualified digital marketing agency committed to developing individualized marketing strategies that are as unique as your business. Building a positive business partnership demands nothing less. If you don’t have a digital marketing agency as a business partner, or are not completely satisfied with the relationship with your current one, here are some things to start making a priority:

1. Find an agency that takes work off your plate, not gives you more. The whole point of hiring a digital marketing agency is that they take some of the workload and headache of navigating the digital world off of your shoulders, not add to the confusion. A digital marketing agency worth keeping around is in the trenches with your marketing team to bring your efforts to the next level so that you see the results you couldn’t achieve before them. It’s about collaborating together to come up with solutions to your marketing problems that best contribute to your business growth.

2. Hire an agency that is as excited about your brand as you are. Your agency partner should strive to identify what makes your business different and define diverse strategies to promote your particular brand, while expressing the essence of your marketing message with an influential, yet subtle style. The last thing you want to do is hire a digital marketing agency who just wants to add you to their portfolio. Your agency should show you that they’re passionate about immersing themselves in your brand so that they truly understand your needs and pain points. An agency that embraces these values is one worth exploring as a potential business partner to support your soaring success in 2017.

3. Partner up with an agency who engages in constant contact. When seeking out the perfect digital agency partner, it’s important to work with an agency that sets expectations from the beginning in terms of what you can expect from them as well as what they expect from you. In order to have a healthy, organized relationship, make sure you are willing and able to do follow-ups, frequent meetings, and reporting to make sure all objectives of your contract are being met. This shows the agency’s dedication to your success, not just your paycheck. An agency who stays on top of their game and reminds you to stay on top of yours is more likely to share relevant digital marketing updates and trends with you, as well as take the necessary steps to update your marketing strategy so that your online presence stays as relevant and effective as possible.

4. Find a digital marketing agency who is willing to be vulnerable and transparent with you. The last thing you want to do is pick an agency full of over-confident, over-promising individuals who nickel and dime you for every service just to see no results in the end. Find an agency that is vulnerable and builds trust that allows you, the brand, to rest assured that your agency is leading you down the right, honest path. It’s also crucial to find an agency that shares marketing data and insights with you in a language that you understand. A quality agency partner will convey data in an organized, comprehensive way, so that you are both aligned with the status of your marketing strategy and how it’s benefiting your business.

The powerful possibilities for you to promote an impressive image that increases profitability this year is directly dependent on the competency of your agency partner. Take your time and make a smart selection as original as your ideal marketing objectives. If you would like more advice on this topic, I would love to chat and hear your thoughts.