We’ve all been in a state of unrest, hurry, panic, or confusion at the very least for the last several weeks. It’s hard to believe how much has changed in such a short time, and how quickly. Life has been flipped on its head for individuals and businesses. Business owners have been cutting expenses, making tough decisions, and having tough conversations, all while trying to figure out a plan for when things get back to the way they were before. Truth is, things won’t go back to the way they were before and neither will we as human beings. 

Know that tomorrow will very likely be different than how you planned, and it may continue that way for the foreseeable future. With that said, it’s a perfect time to stop, pause, and reflect on your priorities and projects calling your name. Take this time to take a deep breath (yes literally) and schedule some time to pause, reflect, and plan for the next season of your business.



Seriously, we all could use a little pause. We are hearing from some clients, peers, friends, and family that they are finding a bit more breathing room this week. Take some time to quite literally take a deep breath and just pause. Business owners and entrepreneurs are known for their Energizer bunny-like attitudes and drive, but now is the time to slow the harried momentum for a second and regain some ground. Imagine a train just cruising along a track at one hundred miles per hour. The momentum of that is pretty strong, right? It isn’t going to stop right on its tracks, and neither will you. Pausing sounds easy, until you try to do it. For your health, and the health of your business, try to make pausing a priority first.



Here’s where the fun stuff comes! You’ve been going from fire to fire and you’re running out of water. The pause will allow you time to stop and refill that water tank. No doubt every business has had to make some sort of adjustments, some larger than others. But imagine that we could start going back to work, customers could start shopping in groups, and life started filling back up again with events and activities. Are you prepared for that day or will you still be managing your coronavirus business strategy? Here’s a shortlist of some ideas for taking this time to make your business better, and to prepare for a better time:

  • Reorganize your marketing efforts
  • Improve your SEO and SEO marketing strategy
  • Make sure you have consistent brand messaging across your social profiles
  • Develop new website pages (press section, about your company / culture, highlighting customers, etc.)
  • Make website improvements
  • Build up a backlog of content
  • Plan on recruiting efforts to satisfy your customers coming back in droves
  • Train your number 2 to allow you time and energy to take a long vacation this fall


Whatever you do, don’t waste this valuable time and spend energy you don’t have. As hard as it is, replenish yourself to make your business ready to tackle the next season. 

We are available to chat as well about your marketing strategy and efforts for the future. No obligation, just happy to chat and help businesses get back on track. Contact us today!