What’s your online marketing mindset? If you’re looking to improve your digital marketing and take advantage of this season’s opportunities, you must first adopt a back-to-school mindset. In this mindset, you’re ready to learn and set goals, and you’re eager to perform better than ever before. Now that you’re in this mindset, check out 5 tips to improve your online marketing.

  1. Start with Your Website

Your website is the hub of your online marketing activity. It’s where you direct your social media followers and your email subscribers. It’s on your business card and store signage. Part of having a back-to-school mentality is setting yourself up for success. Here are some website specifics that you can evaluate and change, if necessary.

  • Make sure you’re with a dependable website host. You can’t attract visitors to your website if the site goes down.
  • Reevaluate your website design. Note that you will be judged on your looks, initially. Then, you’ll be judged on how easy you are to navigate. This is why creating a simple design should be top priority.
  • Make yourself easy to find. Optimize your site with a sitemap, keyword rich title tags, consistent content, and other integral SEO steps.

  1. Focus on Content

You’re not going to succeed in school if you don’t turn in quality content to your instructor. The same applies with your digital marketing strategy. Your company’s digital marketing will miss out on major opportunities if you don’t produce quality content for your target audience. The basic rule of content marketing is that you must create content that’s valuable to your target audience. Keep this in mind as you apply the following suggestions.

  • Start a business blog if you haven’t already done so. The key is to consistently post valuable content while optimizing it to earn high domain authority on search engines. By doing this, your target audience can successfully find your blog. Eventually, they can be converted into customers.
  • Use CTA’s, or calls to action, in your content. CTA’s are buttons that entice your readers to take some sort of further action. Examples include buttons that say “Download the eBook,” “Try it Now” or “Learn More.” It’s the CTA that converts your reader into a potential customer. Calling your target audience to action is a major must!
  • Create video content. Online video consumption is growing faster than all other types of online marketing. More than 43% of people want to see video content from marketers! Take advantage.


  1. Don’t Stop Learning

Remember that it’s the start of school, and it’s time to take advantage of your learning enthusiasm. Make a list of things you want to learn with online marketing! Set goals and create a plan. Your goals and plans will keep you motivated when the back-to-school mindset loses its motivational force (like a well-meaning New Year’s resolution). Here’s a list of items to get you started.

  • Learn how to write headlines. You’re in learning mode, so learn how to get your target audience to click on your posts with attractive headlines.
  • Learn about industry changes. The internet changes at the speed of… the internet.
  • Learn from your mistakes. If something isn’t working, change it.
  • Learn from successful businesses in your niche.

  1. Evaluate Social Media

Perhaps your personal life’s back-to-school mentality involves posting cute pictures of your kids with their shiny new backpack. Hopefully your company’s social media strategy is a little more complex.

  • Know your target audience. Find out what social media platforms your buyer personas are using. Craft valuable content geared toward your target audience and repurpose it where they will most likely find it.
  • Don’t lose site of your goal. Perhaps the goal of keeping your company’s social media active is to generate leads. Make sure that you have a clear social media strategy set in place so you can effectively reach your goals.

  1. Create Your Success

While enthusiasm is high, plan your success. Start with an editorial calendar and create a schedule. Segment your days and plan your content in advance. Don’t forget to include these items on your calendar:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Website optimization

Class is dismissed. Now it’s time to get to work.

If you would like more information on how to improve your online marketing during back to school season, please feel free to contact us! We will gladly stay after class to help you!