Does anyone remember the good ol’ days when it was standard to put in 9 to 10 months of work throughout the year and then have June, July, and most of August to kick back by the pool and relax? At StringCan, we believe in a good summer vacation. Not necessarily the types of summer vacation that we were gifted in our school days, but a chance to get out of town and enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. We have found that taking time off work during the summer sets us up to be more creative and productive when we return.

Vacation time without a doubt improves creativity, productivity, mental and physical health, and induces relaxation. In a recent study from the University of Utah, backpackers scored an average of 50% higher on creativity tests after spending four days in nature disconnected from their devices. The majority of us are excited to get back to work after a vacation, and a high percentage of us are able to get back into a normal workflow within one day of being back. Having a break resets our minds and allows us to assume our highest level of productivity.

Despite how important taking vacations are, the average American has been spending less and less time on vacation. Since 1983, the average vacation full-time working Americans has been on a steady decline, and since 2000 has been on a rapid decline. Only in the past three years has the average vacation time taken a slight upwards trend.


Let’s face it, our summers will most likely never be the way they used to, when we could sleep until noon everyday for the better part of three months, but we can all still find a little bit of time to get out of town and let loose. This summer, every single one of us had the opportunity to get away and have some relaxing summer vacation fun. We always bring fridge magnets back from our vacations to keep track of all the cool places that we have been! Check out some highlights from our trips below.

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