Whether you just graduated from college and are looking to take on your first “real” job or you’ve spent a decade or more in the workforce, everyone ultimately wants the same thing: to find a rewarding job. If you’re on the hunt, we have good news: marketing jobs check this box! In fact, there are plenty of benefits of working in marketing that you’re bound to discover when you start down the path. Here are a few of the things we (and other marketers) love most about the field. 

The Blending of Art & Science 

Some people call themselves “right-brained” or “left-brained” but very few are completely stronger on one side than the other. The truth is that we have a whole brain that likes to work holistically. Even if you’re incredibly musically inclined (right brain), it doesn’t mean you have no shot at being good with numbers (left brain). All this to say, marketing is a unique field in that it provides ample opportunity for practitioners to use – and stretch – all parts of their brains. 

Marketing invites boundless creativity, spanning graphic design, branding aesthetics, compelling writing, and beyond. At the same time, it encompasses numbers, measurement, and analysis (e.g. reporting). It also requires you to think of psychology, as you consider your audience’s pains, wants, and needs. You might be stronger in some of these areas than others, but that’s ok – all of them are incredibly important. Put them all together, and you get a rewarding job that is never boring. 


One of our favorite parts about working in marketing is how it centers on people. First, marketers interact with clients day in and day out. Even if you’re not an account manager, you may find yourself in a brainstorming session, collaborating with a client, or otherwise interfacing with your clients on a regular basis. 

Second, your entire job consists of working to reach people about products and services. When you boil it down, you’re finding creative ways to get someone’s attention, and then share something with them that can make their lives or jobs better. That’s pretty cool!

And third? It’s all about teamwork. When you work at an agency, you’re working with other people whose strengths complement your own. You have camaraderie and the magic of making one another better at what you do. All of this enthusiasm for your role – and commitment to other people – trickles down and benefits your clients. 

Rich Career Opportunities

Finally, marketing pays well and is always in demand. Once you gain experience, you’ll have plentiful opportunities ahead of you. You could work in-house for a brand, focusing on one company and its offerings, or you could join an agency and work on a variety of client accounts across numerous industries. There are benefits to both, and finding your fit will depend on your expertise, personality, career goals, and more. 

There are also opportunities for freelancing in marketing, as well as several related offshoots into which you could later transition. If you like the idea of continuous learning and career advancements, you could take leadership courses and/or achieve specific skill certifications to help propel you to director or CMO someday. 

The takeaway? Jobs in marketing offer not only a rewarding job but also a true springboard for a rich career. Once you know marketing, you’ll have extremely marketable  (pun intended) skills for life. Interested in getting started? Check out our available jobs today, and apply to become part of the team!