Businesses are putting way too much time and effort into creating content that no one ever sees. While content is an extremely important part of a company’s marketing efforts, all of the blogs and social media posts in the world won’t mean anything if no one reads them. If you have been struggling to drive traffic to your blogs and social media posts, try these tips to get more eyes on your content.

1. Create a Content Strategy and Calendar. A content strategy and calendar will provide you with a roadmap of what you should be posting and when. To develop a content strategy, you have to decide what you hope to achieve with your content. For example, are you looking for more membership signups? More leads for your sales team? More social media followers? Align the goals for your content with your marketing goals. Once you have developed a clear direction for your content, you can begin drafting posts that will help you meet your goals.

Content calendars are great for saving time and effort on organization. Draft all of your social media and blog posts for the next couple of months and schedule them into a calendar on the date that you would like to publish. When the date comes, copy, paste, and post your content to the platforms you choose.

2. Share Longer Posts. You should always favor quality over quantity. Give up on sharing numerous blogs a month… Everybody is doing it. Instead, focus more on sharing a few well-written informative blogs. Writing longer blog posts will enable you to provide more valuable content for your reader as well as attract more backlinks and shares, boosting your search engine ranking.

3. Create Infographics. Your brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Because of this, visually appealing posts are more likely to grab and keep the reader’s attention than text-heavy content. Also, visual content is 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content. Even the blandest content can be spiced up by creating something that pops visually.

4. Create a Thoughtful Headline. The first part of your content that the reader will see is the headline. If you want them to click on the post, the headline has to grab their attention and prove that the post will provide value. All of the focus should be on words. Words have the power to drive responses from our emotions and influence our feelings. When crafting the perfect headline of a post, consider specific power words that will influence your audience to take action and click on your post.

Sometimes the best strategy, headline, and post still won’t be able to get a click. If you continue to struggle with driving traffic to your content, we can help. As always, feel free to  contact us at any time.