“Is social media worth it?” asks a client. If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times. And while we’re aware of the value of social media in business, we completely understand why so many folks are disillusioned with the idea. Many teams have tried their hand at creating a social media presence, only to end up with minimal followers and zero digital customer engagement. What gives? Well, simply being on social platforms won’t get you far. In order to get bang for your buck (and there is definitely bang to be had in this area), you must follow a few key rules. 

Narrow your focus. 

There are just about 4.62 billion (yes, billion) people globally who currently use social media. That’s an insane amount of buyer you could potentially reach, and a strong argument in favor of being present on these platforms. But, you’ll wind up getting nowhere fast if you’re trying to reach all 4.62 billion of them (or even half that). 

Instead, get laser-focused on your buyer personas. If your top persona is a college-aged male who is enrolled at a university, don’t post content about retirement tips (unless it’s about funding a retirement account in your youth, in which case go right ahead)! It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many businesses cast an incredibly large net with their content topics and are shocked that the subjects just aren’t resonating. What does your target audience care about? Post about that, and mostly that.

Make it a priority.

You can’t be successful with social media if you’re casual about it, only posting when your team is participating in a silent disco or when a client has just been acquired. Don’t wait for inspiration; make your own. Effective social media management requires discipline, which means:

  • Creating a content strategy
  • Planning your topics ahead of time
  • Scheduling posts through something like Hootsuite, so you’ll be active even when no one is at the office
  • Adding in sporadic, spontaneous posts to keep things fresh
  • Maintaining consistency

Be shallow. 

Of course, we would never recommend this in real life, but most social media platforms are highly (if not entirely) visual. Make sure your copy is tight and relevant, but put the lion’s share of your efforts into the imagery. What will people see when they come to your profile? How will your posts grab their attention as they scroll through the endless rabbit hole of their feed? Aesthetics here matter. 

So, include original images when possible, only using stock photos if absolutely necessary. Work with a marketing team or designer if you need help with graphics (you can find freelancers on services like Fiverr and Upwork at very affordable prices). Include video as much as you can. Choose colors that complement your branding, and keep the overall vibe of your presence consistent. 

Do your part. 

Many times, business owners decry the lack of digital customer engagement on their social platforms – but don’t realize that it’s a two-way street. Do you have a plan in place for someone on your team to be notified when someone leaves a comment on your page? And then for them to respond – quickly? Time is of the essence with social media, and customers (and prospects) will move on if they don’t feel the love from you. 

Also, don’t wait for other people to gush about your posts; take time to view and engage with theirs, too. Whether it’s customers, prospects, peers, influencers or whoever else, you’ll get much better engagement if you show that you care about them, too. 

Jump on trends (or start your own).

Lastly, how do you handle trends? Some people roll their eyes or try to take a stand, saying they won’t be reduced to piggybacking off silly movements. But, if your customers are participating in these trends, shouldn’t you be too? One of the best ways to engage people on social media is to be fun, so don’t hold back. 

If you’re going to a conference, make sure to use the conference hashtag and post a video of your team clowning around at your booth. If there’s a TikTok dance that’s gone viral, have your team recreate it (the less likely team members to do it, the better). If you can relate to, surprise, and delight your audience, you can – and will- engage them. 

Social media in business is important and can be lucrative too. But remember it’s a long game. Be intentional, be consistent and have fun, and you’ll end up getting your share of the pie. Want help setting your strategy and executing it successfully? Give us a call!