When we meet with prospective clients, we’re often asked how we devise our strategies and make recommendations. They ask things like how we can know which digital marketing tactics actually work, and why they should feel comfortable handing over their money so we can move forward with the roadmap we create.

Here are our answers:

  • Our team is made up of individuals who have immense experience in all aspects of digital marketing.
  • We are our own biggest client.

I know – the second part probably sounds strange. But for over a year now, we’ve been treating StringCan like our biggest client. We set a budget for ourselves, assigned an account person and have since taken the same exact steps that each of our new clients go through. Every time our account team wants to move forward with a new initiative, our CEO signs off on the expense. In every meeting we hold to discuss client progress and opportunities, StringCan is on the list of clients we analyze. And at the end of the month, we report back to Jay about where our money has gone, what results we’ve achieved and our next steps.

We’re sharing this with you because we’ve realized that becoming our own client has added a new layer of value to our existing clients! Here’s how…

  1. We get you. We’ve been in your same shoes and navigated through the same processes. We know how it feels to work with StringCan as an agency because we’ve hired ourselves. Experiencing our customer service and account management firsthand, through the lens of a client, has helped us to continuously improve and understand what you need throughout our engagement together.
  2. We know the value of your money. We always were careful with our clients’ pocketbooks in the past, but our perspective was transformed once we brought ourselves on as a client. We now intimately understand how hard it can be to allocate money toward trying out a new technology or spending so much time (and therefore money) on important foundational work, like creating buyer personas. We will only recommend tactics to you that are worth their cost, which brings us to the next point…
  3. We test everything on ourselves first. Many agencies don’t employ the same marketing techniques for themselves that they recommend to their clients. You can imagine how risky that is… not only are they often testing new tools or tactics on their clients for the first time, but they also have no way of knowing if the approach will even pan out! At StringCan, we use our biggest client (ourselves) as the guinea pig. We’ve personally tried everything out, so we know what’s produced results and what can be skipped.

Bringing ourselves on as our own client has not only helped us to refine our processes and improve the work we do for clients, but it’s also yielded some exciting marketing results for our company (like a 1,250% increase in leads this year, through immersing ourselves in HubSpot). We’re proud to call ourselves our own client, and work hard to continue providing value to you through this arrangement in as many ways as possible!

Want to learn more about why we did this and how it’s been working? Check out the full story on the Convince & Convert blog here.


Image by Bruce Irschick via Flickr CC