Welcome StringCan’s New Account Director – Kaci Blatchford

Kaci is our new Account Director at StringCan Interactive and brings close to 10 years of account service, social media strategy, and media planning experience from past agencies in Indiana, Denver, and Dallas. Her favorite part of working within the marketing industry is becoming a trusted resource for clients while bringing innovative and thoughtful solutions to enhance the journey in achieving marketing and business goals. Her husband and two young daughters are new to Arizona and open to recommendations to explore the Phoenix area!

Kaci’s Background:

  • How would you describe your personality in 5 words or less?
    • Fun, easy-going, competitive, observant, happy (uh oh, she’s competitive too??)
  • Tell us a little about yourself! Where are you from and what’s your story?
    • I am new to Arizona coming most recently from South Bend, Indiana (Go Irish!), also lived in Denver for a couple of years, but I still claim ‘Texan’ with my parents living in north Dallas where I went to high school. I am attempting to raise two adorable girls (Stevie – 3, June – 9 months) with my awesome husband who I am proud to say is my high school sweetheart. I was extremely lucky to stumble into digital marketing quickly out of school and have remained in the advertising industry ever since.
  • What could we find you doing outside of the office? What are your passions?
    • We love to adventure and explore new places, which we have thoroughly enjoyed learning about our new town with gorgeous views, hiking, amazing restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops.
    • I am extremely picky and passionate about a few things – lattes, hazy IPAs, and Mexican food. (ok we’re hungry… again)
  • Please explain your vision board below and what it means to you.
    • Family is everything to me and central to my happiness. My goal is to keep high levels of adventure, fun, and traveling to our families (in both Michigan and Texas) along with keeping the mentality that success is never reached, but a motivator to constantly grow to learn and experience new things.

new employee vision board


  • If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
    • My mother is the ultimate mentor. She was a working mom and provided the best home as a kid. Now that I am balancing both, I now understand it is not simple and I admire her for her dedication and grace. And I love that she is now my best friend that I can go to for advice on anything.
  • What are your plans this weekend?
    • Now that we are in Arizona, the weekend plans easily are consumed with a hike, drinks on a patio, and an early morning soccer game for my daughter, Stevie.
  • If you were reincarnated as an animal/drink/ice cream flavor, what would it be?
    • I always say my dog, Lilu (pit mix), has the best life – I want to be her!
  • If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would you go and what would you do?
    • I studied abroad in Santander, Spain in college – I would love to go back and take my family to see what I remember. However, I doubt we would get far as I have lost the majority of my Spanish!
  • You just won a million dollars, what is the most irresponsible purchase you’re going to make?
    • A brand new Jeep with all the things.
  • What’s your favorite YouTube video and why?
    • YouTube for me now is all about managing time spent watching toy videos and Baby Shark. I’ll spare you some of those sample videos! (oh no… Baby shark do do doo doooooo)


  • On a serious note, what are you most looking forward to by working at StringCan?
    • Joining forces with really smart people that care about doing great work for awesome clients. (awww, same!)
  • What will clients enjoy most about working with you?
    • Hopefully how easy it is and their ability to put complete trust in someone that truly feels like an extension of their team.
  • How do you plan on making a difference for StringCan and for our clients?
    • I want to add to the StringCan special sauce that makes us approachable, smart, and well trusted – along with being a team that is really enjoyable to work with!
  • What do results mean to you?
    • A report card for your marketing ideas and plans. Something didn’t work? Proof of why and how we can learn for next time. Something worked? Proof of why and how we can learn for next time.
  • What is your proudest accomplishment and why?
    • Obvious and sappy answer on the personal front: my little girls!
    • Professional: traveling to Thailand with a previous (and amazing) client with 10 influencers for a brand immersion experience, seeing it play out on social media, and exceeding ROI expectations. (Shana, who do we know in Thailand??)

Please join us in giving Kaci a super warm welcome! Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn as well.