Trends, trends, trends… As much as most of us love to publicly roll our eyes at all things trendy (looking at you male rompers), who doesn’t have a Snuggie tucked (deep) in their closet for use when no one is looking? Most trends are amusing (and even useful), but few trends get people ramped up and excited like wellness trends. Turning trendy tools into healthy lives, for companies that promote healthy living, every industry trend that pops up offers a potential opportunity to tie in your marketing – and keep your company relevant and fresh. To give you an edge, here are some of the trends we’re expecting to see from wellness brands in the coming year. 


Technology Boomerang 

There’s been an interesting shift in the last couple years from tech-obsessed to, well, tech-observant. Rather than clamoring for every new device and technology option available to humankind, there’s an uprising of folks who are realizing the need for a break. Books like “Indistractable” by Nir Eyal and “Thrive” by Arianna Huffington highlight the importance of being aware of the hold that technology has on us – and society, by and large, is listening. 

Now of course this doesn’t mean the masses are rushing to the nearest garbage can to bid adieu to their beloved smartphones, but it does spell out some interesting changes for the wellness world. For one, people are paying more attention to their wellbeing as a holistic entity. Their attention, mental energy and how they spend their time – along with how this all affects interpersonal relationships and sleep – are now seen as part of overall wellness. 

Second, many people are wisening up to the power of mindfulness. Whether they cross their legs and chant “om” every day, use a guided meditation app on their phones, or simply try to be aware of their surroundings throughout the day – mindfulness is taking its rightful place in the center of the stage. This interesting technology boomerang is definitely a trend to watch. You can likely find an opportunity to market your offerings in a way that aligns with these shifting perceptions, and you can also begin to become part of the using-tech-for-good revolution. 


Micro Changes are King

Many of the top diet books in the past have been pretty strict. I mean, sure, let’s get rid of caffeine, sugar, alcohol and bread… that’ll be a breeze! Not. Oftentimes, these trends have required sweeping lifestyle changes or drastic measures that ask too much of their followers. And this doesn’t address the fact that many of the fad “wellness” trends of yesteryear have been a bit controversial as to how much wellness they actually promote…ahem, Goop.  

Luckily for all of us, there are some new trends in town. Most people now realize some basic truths of wellbeing, like the fact that increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is best (no matter what diet you follow), moving your body is a good thing, and taking care of your mind and soul matters just as much as being kind to your body does. They also understand that people can’t just change on a dime. So, many wellness brands are encouraging small changes to promote consistency and big results over time, afterall consistency is key. 

Depending on your role in the industry, you can take advantage of this trend (which, by the way, is rooted in behavior design). Help your customers to see little easy ways they can become microscopically healthier – and they’re far more likely to transform their lives than by trying to make big, difficult changes. Plus, they’re (ok, we’re) more likely to stick with their program if it excludes yo-yo diets and fad workouts that crash and burn. 


Aiming for Engagement – At Work & At Play

Who doesn’t hear about engagement everywhere these days? Companies recognize that engaging their prospects and customers is key to acquiring – and retaining – happy customers. And this includes companies that promote healthy living. 

Encouraging engagement at fitness studios has become table stakes – and we think that’s a great thing. These come in the form of time-bound challenges (“win a free t-shirt if you take 85 spin classes in 12 days!”), competitions (“whoever loses the highest percentage of body fat gets a discount on our logo-emblazoned water bottles”) – and much more. And they work! 

Engagement is also happening in terms of corporate wellness. More and more brands are realizing the power of healthy, rested employees and doing their part to make this the norm. Some companies offer meditation app subscriptions, nutrition counseling or even in-office nap rooms (uh, yes please!). This is a trend we’re loving, and don’t expect will go away anytime soon. 

Even here at StringCan, wellness is rooted in who we are as a company and individuals. Whether it’s fueled by competition and the desire to simply win is another story, but regardless it’s something we’re super proud of. We encourage wellness and healthy mindset activities and love to hear about new goals or accomplishments from our teammates. People are happier when they’re healthier and they certainly work harder if they’re happy. We’re happy healthy hard-working people over here :). 


The wellness industry is endlessly exciting to be part of, and there’s always new research, techniques and trends to embrace. Which ones will you tap into for 2020? We can help you revisit your customer strategy and digital marketing. Just give us a call!