In January of 2017, I started working at StringCan Interactive as a Digital Marketing Intern. From my first day in the office, I already knew that I was going to have an incredible experience. My initial expectations didn’t let me down, as the entire three-month program was majorly impactful in many ways.

I thought I’d share some thoughts on what prospective interns can gain from a StringCan Internship, or as I like to say, StringTernship. Here are five things you can surely expect from an internship with StringCan.

1. Your work will make an impact.

The StringCan team is small but mighty and continuing to grow, which creates an exciting start-up work environment built of out-of-the-box thinkers, self-starters, and high achievers. Having the opportunity to work with a team like this is a big deal. The transparency of the company allows you to work with all moving parts of the business.

As a StringTern, I was involved with real client work from day one! Interns are given client and agency responsibilities that assist in almost all parts of the agency. This means that the work of a StringCan intern impacts the entire organization as a whole, and not many other interns can say that.

Your voice will also always be heard. At StringCan, you are way more than a number. During my time here, I’ve had the opportunity to make internal processes more efficient. I have also self-started initiatives that I am passionate about. I’ve even had the opportunity to lead lunch n’ learns for the entire team twice, to share my learned knowledge and recommendations. With StringCan, you will have a real opportunity to show what you’re capable of.

2. Your resume will thank you.

Having a StringCan internship on my resume is a beautiful thing. Thanks to this internship, my resume as a college student is almost frame-worthy. Here are some potential intern tasks that would look delightful on your resume:

  • Website analytics and tracking with Google Analytics
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Business development, prospect and target audience research and support
  • Social media management
  • Email newsletter creation and optimization
  • Search engine marketing: organic, paid, and local search
  • Blog development
  • Keyword research
  • Ad creative and messaging
  • Client management
  • Presentation experience

You also may even get some killer digital marketing certifications! During my time as an intern, I got my HubSpot Inbound Certification and Google Analytics IQ Certification.

3. Your hours are totally flexible.

This is a bigger deal than it seems. I know many fellow students who have to work their school schedules around their internships, which can be a real challenge. At StringCan, you can totally arrange your work hours around your school schedule. Create your own schedule that works best for you, and StringCan will likely honor it!

The company is also very flexible about taking time off. Whether it’s Winter Break, Spring Break, or a fun festival weekend, you should always be able to work it out with your supervisor with advance notice and great communication.

4. There are times when you may forget that you’re working.

Throwback to when I was treated to a Cornish Pasty lunch on my first day in the office! The StringFam goes out to lunch together for every special occasion- including birthdays, StringCanniversarys, and more. We love to celebrate, and we LOVE to eat.

IMG_7504Throwback to volunteering at Lost Our Home Pet Rescue! StringCan highly values giving back to the community, and holds days of service where the entire team goes out to give a helping hand.


Throwback to skydiving… indoors. See that human flying high in the sky? That’s me! You could say that StringCan takes team bonding to new heights.


A little more about StringCan culture:

  • We work in a brand new building called The Clayton House, which has a variety of offices and event spaces. There are always fun and exciting things happening around us!
  • There are sometimes  dogs in the office. Need I say more?
  • At least once a month, we have Yoga in the Park sessions with our Director of Operations, Sarah Hiller! She is an incredible yoga instructor who blesses us with an hour of stress relief and rejuvenation. There is a beautiful park within a 3 minute walk from the office, and we have also used it for office picnic lunches.
  • We listen to music so there are always happy vibes and never dull silence.
  • The team wants you to grow personally and professionally and will help support you anyway they can.

Everyone is amazing to work with! We all respect each other and know how to work hard and get things done, but we also know how to laugh and have a lot of fun.

5. And of course, you’ll be well compensated.

StringCan highly values the work that an intern puts in. Not only did I get hands-on work experience in the digital marketing field… I also got paid to do it!

Here’s the final good news: Interns get promoted too! I started as a Digital Marketing Intern, and am now a Digital Strategy Coordinator.

Overall, StringCan is an excellent place to start a career in marketing, and I highly recommend applying. Click here to learn more about the Digital Marketing internship and Digital Analytics internship, and feel free to email your resume and cover letter to