Ask us what we are at StringCan Interactive, and you might hear “digital marketing agency.” While that label sounds generic, we’re far from run-of-the-mill. As an entrepreneur with a deep passion for marketing, it was always really important to me to spend time on work that really matters. And as such, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves at StringCan with family-focused businesses. This has become not only our bread and butter, but also our heart. And I’m about to tell you why.

Nothing Matters Without Family

Like any “normal” entrepreneur, there was a time that work consumed my life. I thought nothing of answering emails during dinner with my family or saying yes to every single career opportunity that came my way. But also like anyone who’s walked that same path, my family began to suffer. My wife and two daughters saw very little of me, and couldn’t count on my full attention when they did have me in front of them. I gradually saw the most important relationships in my life eroding, and I had a wakeup call.

This entire process is what spurred me to write the book: Family 2.0: Harness Business Principles to Reboot your Family in 4 Days. I wanted more for my family, and figured there had to be a way to truly find that work-life balance that everyone seems to be seeking these days. I realized, through a lot of pain and fractures in my home life, that none of my successes mattered if I didn’t have my family standing by my side.

I’d challenge you to think about where you are on this spectrum, too. Are you prioritizing your family while still honoring the part of you that needs to be an entrepreneur or career-person? If not, it might be time for a change (and my book can help you with that). Whether you’re married with kids, or are unattached, we all have families and important relationships in our lives. If you let those suffer, you might end up climbing the career ladder but finding yourself alone at the top. And that’s not a version of success I’m interested in attaining. So yes, family matters to me and I know it matters to you.

The StringCan Family #stringfam

I clearly adore my family. My wife and daughters keep me grounded, make me smile, and inspire me to be a better man (and, yes, they sometimes drive me crazy too!). But I also have come to realize the enormous amount of time I still spend at work, with my team members, clients and peers. It’s been a conscientious decision on my part to create a family bond with these people, too.

At StringCan, we really like each other. Really! We’re intentional about keeping tabs on each other’s personal lives, hopes, and dreams. We set goals together and we work toward forward progress for the business, of course, but also for ourselves as human beings. Treating each other like this gives us a different, tight-knit, and refreshing culture, which extends to everyone with whom we interact. We bet you’ll notice the difference once you get to know us. We want you to be a member of the #stringfam too.

Championing Families and Serving Their Needs

As you can see, family and strong relationships is a driving force for me and for all of our team members at StringCan. Because of this, we are absolutely obsessed with helping businesses that focus on reaching and serving families. If you have a company that targets parents as your primary audience, we understand the demographics of your ideal buyers through and through. We know how families tend to make purchasing decisions, where they spend their time online and what matters most to them.

And, the part I love the most, is that we genuinely care about helping family-focused businesses to flourish. When our clients deliver value to families, we get excited. And when we help our clients extend their reach and deliver value on an even greater scale, we feel a really great sense of fulfillment. If you have a family business, or are trying to cater to families in some way, shape or form, we would love to guide you in your marketing strategy. It’s our belief that strong families create strong kids who grow up to be strong contributors to the world. We feel like we’re a part of this awesome process as we help entrepreneurs make families’ lives even better, easier, and more rich.

In case you couldn’t tell, family is woven into every part of what we do at StringCan. Our own families, our StringCan family, and the family-focused businesses we serve keep us motivated and eager to achieve outstanding results. This is why we proudly say… family is the heart of our business.

If you would like any help with your family-focused business, please contact us to learn more about how we can help!