Did your parents ever tell you not to name animals you weren’t going to keep? They probably said this because they didn’t want you getting too attached; it’s much harder to say goodbye to Buddy than to the random stray dog. The same effect occurs when you add buyer personas to your digital marketing efforts. Marketers will become much more invested in content creation and trying to wow their target audience when using personas. By identifying the demographics and psychographics to develop a persona, marketers are more attached to the data, stakeholders can visualize the direction of the content more easily, and customers can quickly and easily relate by aligning themselves with a persona.

Who You Are Writing For

When used right, personas go beyond the demographic similarities of your potential customers and delve into the distinct differences from one persona to another. This sets up a solid base for target marketing to occur. Taking the time to develop personas makes it clear who your content should be directed towards. Digital marketers know that by producing quality content your potential customers are interested in, it will increase traffic to your site and optimize SEO.  

Knowing the audience that will be reading your content makes the process easier, which is why it is so important to do your research when creating personas. As your company grows and changes, so will your potential customers and in turn, your personas will need to be updated, especially since this is a long term tool. Taking the time to create the personas will familiarize you with your potential customers on a more personal level. Creating them now will make it easier to see the changes of your customers’ needs and interests as time goes on – keeping you focused on who your audience truly is.

What You Should Write About

Persona-based marketing acts as a map for your team to follow for current and future marketing strategies, allowing consistency for your brand and the content you produce. Although it takes a generous amount of time to develop successful personas, it makes it easier in the long run to identify what content marketing would be successful for each specific potential customer. It’s clear what quality content can do for a website, and by identifying exactly which personas you are writing to, it becomes obvious what your content needs to be about.  Content marketing is most effective when you not only know who your audience is but also understand them and can identify their pain points.

Test Effective CTAs

Creating a smart CTA that ties into your persona-based marketing will increase quality traffic and leads for your business. Personas allow marketers to understand the content their potential customers consume, making the development of creating CTAs easier and more effective. If you have a layout of exactly who you will be talking to, what they are interested in, and what platforms they can be reached on, getting their attention through the use of CTAs is very straightforward.

Developing comprehensive data into personas drastically improves not only your content marketing efforts, but also your advertising campaigns, sales processes, and more. It’s like talking to a focus group that is interested in what you have to say, rather than talking to an entire arena of people – some who care, but most who don’t.  Don’t waste your time on the wrong audience. Use personas to give your team direction and get them invested in their potential customers.

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