Starting to feel like life with ‘rona is becoming monotonous? The lines between work and life aren’t even blurred or dotted lines anymore. It’s like the blue (or was it gold) dress from 2017; we don’t really know which is which anymore. Many of us, and our employees, are taking conference calls while prepping lunch for the kids. We’re folding laundry while on a call with a vendor. Home life and work life used to live in neat little compartments, now – not so much. Sure, there are flexible work environments that didn’t make you feel like you were slogging away in an office all day from 9-5, but that’s all behind us. Chances are, you’re folding that laundry in the same PJs you woke up in. Maybe the same PJs we dare say, for days? Now that we’re settling into work at home, life at home, and school at home, here are some ways you can reinvigorate your routine to bring balance back to your life, period.


What’s Wrong With All Day PJs?

Hey, no judging here. Sometimes an all day PJ day is just what you need. Mix in some ‘Flix and you’ve got yourself a party. But like anything, and we mean anything in life, too much of a good thing is… bad. The problem with working at home, and being confined to this one place is losing a sense of routine. Rituals and routines are the hallmarks of successful people. Not only that, the rituals and routines that govern our days take up about half of our day. If you’re no longer performing those habits, chances are you feel exhausted mentally much sooner than before. Ever heard of decision fatigue? You’ve no doubt heard about high-powered people who basically wear the same style outfit every day. This is because choosing what to wear each day is a decision. And you are not an infinite decision making machine. 


How to Get Balance Back

I know you’re thinking, ok my gym shorts and tanks are my daily uniform and I don’t have to decide what to wear each day. Or, I wake up in my PJs and work in them all day, decision smacision. Yes, you’re partly right. But part of the continued path toward burnout and exhaustion many of us are feeling is the lack of purpose. We used to get dressed because we were going to the office or meeting with a client. Something as simple as getting dressed in a business casual outfit for our work from home time can help us get into the mindset. Then at the end of the day, you can put those PJs back on and transition back to family time. In fact, the ability to use clothing to boost performance isn’t new. Something as simple as the clothes we choose to wear can help get us back in the mindset and the distinction between work and play. 

Also, you don’t want to skip the pants and end up like one of these people


We know getting back to business is tough. But maybe putting on a pair of pants the next time you have a video call can help. We’d love to have a free conversation about how we can help you and your business back on track. Contact us to set up a call.