That’s right! Come ooooonnn down and wave that shiny Zennie all over the place!

We have been using the Zenefits HR software for several years, and it’s really allowed me to grow in my role from day 1. Jay was so busy being a great CEO, mentor, account manager, accountant, janitor, and maintenance guy that HR was put in the corner. When I started he was like the everything bagel seasoning and doing so much! It’s not that he didn’t have to, or need to, do it – it required a ton of energy and forced Jay to work IN the business versus ON the business. Typical entrepreneur probs right? Enter, me. My first day was actually the day we integrated Zenefits. I found it so easy to use, and I loved using all of the features, so I naturally owned it… and then some. Here we are three years later and HR is one of the biggest pieces of my role. Taking care of our people, and our finances, are the lifeblood of my role. When Zenefits announced they were seeking submissions for their annual Zennie Awards, I knew we had a great story.



I’m really proud of the work we do at StringCan, and I love supporting the team in any way I can. One year ago I presented a really amazing presentation on Efficiency and Effectiveness. Cleverly titled “How to be a bada$$ at work.” Thinking along the efficiency lines, I created my own category on the Zennie award form. Through the ease of use, the amazing support, and the benefits integrations, Zenefits had allowed Jay, and me, to be more efficient in a department that takes a lot of time and energy to manage.

Getting Famous

Casey B. at Zenefits contacted me to let me know we had WON and the submission was so compelling they created this category just for us! What an honor! We had been featured in two case studies; welcoming a new employee and flex time, but winning a Zennie award and then being asked to star in a movie – took it all to the next level. Ok, less of a movie, and more of a case study and video. 😉 What a cool experience!

We don’t brag too much, but winning this award felt great! Sadly a lot of awards out there are easy to manipulate by voting or even other unseemly methods. This award was special because we wanted to recognize another company that has helped us grow and scale efficiently. Thanks, Zenefits!