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Welcome StringCan’s New Digital Marketing Intern - Rachel Poulin

StringCan Interactive is proud to introduce our newest Digital Marketing Intern, Rachel Roulin. Rachel is a junior at ASU who is really looking forward to learning more about marketing research, social media, and search engine marketing. Learn more about Rachel by reading our interview:

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6 Sure-Fire Steps To Improve Your Lead Generation Process This Year

As a business, you’ve probably heard the term “generating leads” more than you can count. And there’s a reason for that – your business’s online marketing strategy and subsequent prosperity revolves around your lead generation process and converting those leads to customers. But how can you be sure you are generating the right amount of leads for your business?

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Leaders: To be Strong, be Vulnerable

It’s not hard to find an example of a leader in our society, especially in business. We tend to automatically envision a strong, well-spoken, confident extrovert who knows how to get others excited and command a room. We get carried away in the notion that a real leader is always decisive and firm, and never stumbles or wavers (or at least never shows it).

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6 Tips To Get Employees Involved in Annual Planning

As the leader of an organization, do you get your employees involved in annual planning? Should you? This is a question I get asked often from other entrepreneurs and without hesitation I always recommend a confident yes! Your employees often know more about what is going on in the organization than you know. Ignoring those insights is a huge missed opportunity. I personally see the value of all team members having a voice while still having structure. I believe as the CEO, my job is to own the vision and lead the company direction, while the team’s job is to determine how we get from point A to Z with the main vision in mind. That is why I involve all team members in our annual planning.

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Are you Asking your Marketing Agency the Right Questions about ROI?

ROI for digital marketing can be tough to understand and tricky to calculate. But doing both is essential to achieving the inbound marketing results you want. If you ever wonder, “How do I calculate my ROI?” or, “Does ROI really matter?” – you’re not alone. Check out our recent blog post on the subject, and you’ll be on your way to understanding how to determine your return on investments. And then there’s another piece of this puzzle that is often forgotten: feedback from your marketing agency.

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ROI Analysis and Planning for Next Year

Measuring marketing ROI can be a confusing and often frustrating process, especially for inbound marketing agencies whose strategies and tactics are not as tangible and easy-to-see. As 2016 comes to a close and it’s time to set goals for 2017, it’s essential to measure your marketing ROI to hone in on your new targets and goals before the new year. ROI performance is graded by achieving sales goals, and you’ll need reliable metrics for every marketing tactic or effort to see how they support your sales goals.

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Uber’s Rating System: A Missed Opportunity?

 At StringCan, we hear from a lot of our clients about the upsides and downsides of online reviews. Especially considering our focus on multi-location businesses, we know that digital reviews can add a very layered aspect to a brand's marketing strategy. And in many cases, the most useful part of a review or rating system is the data it reveals.

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I Generated Leads… Now What?

You’ve done the heavy lifting; you’ve written blogs, posted on social media, sparred with the website developer on the best way to make a user-friendly site, and now you finally have the leads that you’ve been dreaming of. Now what? Well now... the real work begins.

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Is Your Agency on the Naughty or Nice List? To Do’s for 2017 to Make Sure Your Digital Marketing Agency is on Point

The holiday season is in full-swing. You have a laundry list of items to prepare for that involve holiday dinners, parties, the school toy drive, getting in enough hours at the gym to counterbalance all the holiday treats, and shopping for your friends and family. AND to top it all off, you are involved in creating the marketing plan and budget for your company for 2017. Don’t pull your hair out just yet - we are here to simplify the process and present to you this easy shopping list of things that businesses should be doing to prep for 2017.

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The Insider Scoop on INBOUND 2016 Conference

Last week was the annual INBOUND 2016 Conference that is put on every year by HubSpot. With 19,000 attendees spanning 92 countries, 240 speakers, and almost 300 breakout sessions, our heads are spinning with information - and no not just from the election. If you weren’t able to attend the inbound marketing conference, or want to relive every moment, read our insights below from the unique perspectives from our founder and CEO, Jay Feitlinger, our strategist and head of marketing, Alix Parker, and our content strategist, James Grant.

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