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Don’t Let Your Facebook Page Get Lost in the Latest News Feed Shuffle

Facebook was built on the idea of fostering social connections, but over the years it has evolved to encompass nearly anything of interest, including news, business outreach, and events. In an effort to focus more on connecting people, Facebook is making changes to their news feed that places greater importance on stories from friends.  

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How Personas Help Inbound Marketing and Sales

When launching marketing and sales initiatives, it can be tough to know where to start, who to target, and what tactics to use. Marketing and sales teams are often running separate campaigns that aren’t well connected and send mixed messages to your potential customers rather than using a well-defined smarketing process. 

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Is Your Blog Successful? You May be Measuring the Wrong Metrics

During the dot-com bubble, businesses were scrambling to gain a place on the Internet under the banner of “everyone-needs-a-website”. Businesses often did not stop to think if – or why – they needed a website, they just knew that everyone kept telling them they had to have one if they wanted to be successful. And so, millions of businesses that had no concept of how to use a website to reach their customers, suddenly had websites. They didn’t know if digital would actually help their market, but hopped on the bandwagon regardless.

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Why Inbound Marketing Works - Part 1: Outbound and Inbound Explained

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was ride along with my mom to Costco just so I could play "scavenger hunt" for the free samples. And then once I found my favorite treats, I would let some time pass and circle back for seconds, hoping the lady in the hair net wouldn’t notice. Only take one? Yeah right. The samples were awesome because they gave me a little taste and kept me coming back for more, and some of them even became my staple treats and meals for years to come. Inbound marketing works the same way.

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Why You Need Personas for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Did your parents ever tell you not to name animals you weren’t going to keep? They probably said this because they didn’t want you getting too attached; it’s much harder to say goodbye to Buddy than to the random stray dog. The same effect occurs when you add buyer personas to your digital marketing efforts. Marketers will become much more invested in content creation and trying to wow their target audience when using personas. By identifying the demographics and psychographics to develop a persona, marketers are more attached to the data, stakeholders can visualize the direction of the content more easily, and customers can quickly and easily relate by aligning themselves with a persona.

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Voice Search and Its Impact On Businesses

We all know Siri, that voice that comes from our iPhones that we either hate and turn off in our settings, or ask her to get us from point A to point B. Siri is just one example of the explosive growth of voice search technologies launched within the last decade along with others, such as Google Now and Cortana, which are changing search engine optimization (SEO) and end-user experience in completely unexpected ways. The old rules of SEO, and how the user interacts with search engines, is being redefined by this new technology.

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Creating a Long Term Company Blog: Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Begin

A couple years ago, simply having a blog was a great way for businesses to communicate with their customers. But that’s not enough anymore. To really make an impact with your target audience and keep them coming back for more, it’s time to take your content creation to the next level. In order to create a long-term blog that keeps your audience interested and on their toes, here are some questions your content creators should be asking themselves first:

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Smarketing: What Is It And Why Is It Needed?

Marketing and sales are two essential parts to any business. The problem is, the two departments have a hard time collaborating and staying on the same page to achieve agreed-upon business goals. Well, there's an answer to this problem and it's called smarketing.

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Social Media Sinks Businesses: Can You Afford to Sink Time and Resources into Social Media?

Social media can be a great opportunity to promote your business and deliver engaging content to your target audience. But, it could also be the hole in the bottom of your business that is making your boat sink.

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Content Marketing Trends in 2016 You Can't Afford To Ignore

Like everything else online, content marketing continues to evolve. Every serious business needs to pay attention just to keep up. Here are a few big trends we don’t want you missing out on.

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