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Keep Your Blog Afloat, Tips to Getting Back on Track

If you're like many other businesses, you started out blogging on a fairly frequent basis and then started to fade as you began to find blogging to be too time consuming, or maybe you ran out of topics. Unfortunately, this makes your blog, and your business, look neglected. Even worse, readers who came to rely on you for information now have to find it somewhere else. This directly hurts your business by allowing it to fall from its former top-of-mind position to second place to a competitor.

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Is Your Marketing Strategy Delivering Results?

Digital marketing is constantly changing and evolving. Every quarter someone is insisting that one marketing technology is dead and the next best thing is on the horizon. For anyone who's trying to grow their business online, it's far too easy to get distracted by shiny objects and lose focus on what really matters.

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4 Things I Love About Buyer Personas

In this day and age, there is hardly a new destination that we don’t plug into our mobile or car GPS to help guide us there. Printing out directions or using an actual map are the analog equivalent to finding your way around. Think of buyer personas as the GPS to your digital marketing efforts and focus. They guide every turn you make, leading you closer to your end goal, and your digital marketing strategy is far more effective with them. In fact, a study by HubSpot found that using marketing personas made websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use than websites that didn’t. That’s the difference between making a wrong turn on your way to your destination or arriving there in record time.

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4 SEO Stats You Should Be Paying Attention to Right Now

Digital marketers often get asked “which medium will get me the best ROI?” Although the answer to this question involves many factors like business needs, marketing budget, industry, and target audience, to find the most effective channel to stimulate growth for your business, SEO is truly one of the most promising. SEO is constantly evolving and although it can be difficult, and at times frustrating, to stay on top of the new updates from Google and other search engines, the results of having an SEO strategy and investing in SEO are undeniable. Regardless of what any online gurus are saying about SEO, these numbers don't lie.

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Franchisees: Be You (and Still be Brand Compliant)

Ask any franchisor what the hardest part of their job is, and you’ll likely hear some version of this response: “I can’t maintain brand consistency because my franchisees all want to put their own stamp on the business.”

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Branding: Are You and Your Digital Marketing Agency on the Same Page?

The 21st century is the ‘Age of Digital Marketing,’ which means that every significant brand must include an Internet presence encompassing everything from inbound marketing, to SEO, to easy online ordering and troubleshooting. As these techniques become increasingly sophisticated and specialized, digital marketing agencies have become key players in brand development. This begs the question; When it comes to our company brand, what is our responsibility and what is the agency's?

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The 10 Step SEO Checklist

Learn how to optimize your content to get found by your audience

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Broad Isn’t Best. How to Make Your Content More Niche

Content, content, content, that’s all everyone seems to be talking about these days, right? Well there’s good reason for it - content marketing is here to stay. The stats that support content marketing as a vertical are undeniable and it's no surprise that businesses in every industry, large and small have been turning to content marketing in swarms in the last few years.

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Swipe Right with Your Digital Marketing Agency

As much as we like to believe that we’re going to stick with our health and fitness resolutions every year, instead, try starting the New Year with a resolution to focus on forming mutually beneficial relationships. Your business is unlike any other. Your unique brand, superior products and services, and remarkable message are a few factors that separate you from the rest. Your brand deserves a digital marketing agency who cares about your business as much as you do.

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Setting the Stage for Success During the Most Critical Quarter

In sports, the last quarter, inning, or half is often considered the most important in the game, the period of time that determines the winner and loser of the match, and in most cases, this is true. When it comes to business, if you think that Q1 is inconsequential to your company's success, think again.

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