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Biggest Pitfalls To Avoid On Your Landing Page

May 16, 2016 Kate Orsi
Landing pages are a staple in digital marketing campaigns. They provide a way to direct users from your website into your sales funnel. Using landing pages as a vessel to promote your content offer, personalize content for a particular audience, and
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How To Create Alignment Between Sales and Marketing Through Our B2B Smarketing Process

May 13, 2016 Alix Parker
How many times have you heard from the sales team that they need more leads, more leads, MORE LEADS. And you hear from the marketing team that they don’t know what happens to all the leads they gave to sales. Are they quality leads? Are they following up with these leads?
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Easier than 5 Push-Ups, How to Make Your Website Stronger

May 11, 2016 Matt Grodsky
“Get out of the pool and do five pushups! Then dive back in and sprint to the other end and do five more! Do that same drill ten times!” When I was swimming in high school this was the drill our coach would frequently make us do at the end of practice when we were exhausted. When you’re running a business, you’re exhausted too. ...
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Why You Should Care More About Leads Than Website Traffic

Apr 27, 2016 Nicole Rucker
Website traffic to your site doesn't always mean more money in the bank. Even though marketers know that lead conversion is essential to their business, wesbite conversion rates are still far below what they should be. The fact of the matter is that website visits are only meaningful in relation to the amount of leads and business opportunities they generate. ...
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Content of a Website: If You Build it, They Will Come

Apr 27, 2016 Matt Grodsky
Most people have seen the movie, Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner, but if you missed it, no worries, I’ll give you the gist. A guy builds a baseball field on his farm after hearing voices instructing him to do so. ...
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Don't Damage Your Search Rankings By Not Optimizing Your Website For Local Search

Apr 26, 2016 Austin Bogar
Remember the Disney film Cars and the town of Radiator Springs? In the movie, Radiator Springs was a little town that was thriving off of all the traffic passing by on Route 66. Unfortunately, once Route 66 was decommissioned, Radiator Springs was left in the shadows and forgotten. Roads across America are always changing and so is ...
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How To Create A Smart CTA For Your Company's Website

Apr 25, 2016 Kate Orsi
Trying to get a person’s attention can be difficult. There is so much noise and so many distractions that finding a way to get someone's attention has become extremely challenging. A CTA is a great marketing tool for your business to clearly and concisely tell the visitor what you want them to do in order to move them along the sales funnel. Diction is key in ...
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Why Your Gym Needs A Fitness Blog

Apr 13, 2016 Nicole Rucker
With all of the fitness resources, blogs, and articles circling the web, most of them aren't created by gyms themselves. Creating content for your gym's blog will get more traffic to your site and more members through your door. 
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Welcome StringCan’s New Account Executive - Matt Grodsky

Apr 07, 2016 James Grant
StringCan Interactive is proud to welcome our newest Account Executive Matt Grodsky. Matt graduated from Columbia College where he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Cinema Art & ...
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Welcome StringCan's New Digital Marketing Intern - Kate Orsi

Apr 04, 2016 Nicole Rucker
StringCan Interactive is proud to introduce our newest Digital Marketing Intern Kate Orsi . Kate is a junior at ASU who is excited to learn more about the digital marketing world. Learn more about Kate by reading our interview.
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