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We’re all about learning and listening. This gives us what we need to start with the right foundation (strategy), gain a deep understanding of your customer and handpick the tactics that will resonate. Your business improves people’s lives, and we improve the reach and revenue of your business. Smart, strategic, and nothing extraneous; just growth, the right way.

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Our Focus and Expertise

Branding & Mission

  • Naming
  • Brand Style Guidelines
  • Logo & Identity


Strategy & Roadmap

  • Website & Marketing Audit
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping

Web Design & Development

  • User Experience
  • Design & Development
  • Transition Plan

Search Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local Search Optimization
  • Pay Per Click

Content Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website / Blog
  • Public Relations

Marketing Automation

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Workflows
  • Conversion Optimization

Featured Clients

Your Digital Marketing Company

Hiring professional digital marketers for your company is perhaps the single best investment you can make for your business, but how do you decide which agency is the best partner for you?

We understand your frustration when you see competitors showing up ahead of you online. What about when you don’t have nearly the number of online leads you want, or you feel like your business is missing out from opportunities online? Our marketing team focuses on customer insights to determine exactly who your ideal customer is, where they live online, and the best strategic approach needed to grow your business today.

Before we jump into tactics, we want to make sure you have a solid foundation and create a strategy that identifies the biggest obstacles and opportunities for your company to get the most success out of your marketing. Hiring the experts at StringCan Interactive you will get absolutely the best for:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Branding & Mission
  • SEO Services
  • Content Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Paid Media / Pay Per Click
  • Flexible Support to Help You Fill in the Gaps

Whatever you need to drive more customers, revenue, and local or national branding online, we have you covered. Let’s get your business started with all that and more today with the best digital marketing company in Scottsdale.

Top Digital Marketing Questions & Answers

I want to learn more, who can I speak with?2021-06-09T08:39:12-07:00

Jay Feitlinger is our CEO and would be happy to set up a time to learn more about your business and discuss how StringCan may be able to help. You can fill out the contact form on our website or book a meeting with him here.

What types of companies do you work with?2021-03-04T14:20:27-07:00

We specialize in helping wellness companies that have a product or service that improves people’s lives. You can learn more by checking out our portfolio section

How often do you communicate with your clients?2021-02-10T11:27:28-07:00

We typically have bi-weekly or monthly meetings to review what’s working, what’s not and discuss new ideas to help improve your marketing efforts or generate revenue. We work hard to ensure you hear back from us within one business day.

Why is marketing strategy important?2021-03-04T14:21:10-07:00

It’s important to create a smart digital marketing strategy to determine the best marketing tactics to help you find your ideal customers so that you don’t waste time or money, just like you wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint.

What are personas and why do I need them for my business?2021-02-10T11:00:55-07:00

It simply costs too much money to try and target every potential customer. By focusing on your 1-2 most ideal customers, you can more easily tailor your content, offerings, and messages to reach them based on their unique motivations and pain points.

How do I beat my competitors using digital marketing?2021-03-04T14:23:04-07:00

It’s important to keep an eye on your competition so you can differentiate your marketing approach. You can monitor keywords they are ranking for, messages used in their ads, reviews they receive, and how they engage with their customers on social media. You can create a strategy to highlight what differentiates your business.

How do I increase the number of leads I receive on my website?2021-03-04T14:32:01-07:00

There are many digital marketing tactics to help you increase leads like Google or Facebook ads, paid search, PPC or content. Before you launch any tactics, it’s important to make sure your website is set up for success. Is your tracking working properly so you can measure ROI? Have you secret-shopped your website and used it as if you were a customer?

What should I spend on marketing to get results?2021-03-04T14:34:39-07:00

To determine marketing spend to see ROI, it’s important to conduct keyword research and understand the average cost per click (CPC) for the keywords your ideal personas may search to find you. The short answer, there’s no perfect number.

What marketing tactics should I keep in-house vs hiring you or another agency to handle?2021-03-04T14:38:52-07:00

We like to help our clients fill in the gaps they have with their own marketing efforts. If you have an in-house marketing team, highlight what they do well and where they could use support. Find more helpful tips here

How do I get found online for the right keywords?2021-02-10T11:19:11-07:00

The best way to determine the right keywords to get found online is to understand what words your target audience may use to find your business. You can ask current customers how they found you, what were their motivations or pain points for needing or wanting your product or service?

What is an MQL vs SQL?2021-02-10T11:17:03-07:00

An MQL is a marketing qualified lead and an SQL is a sales qualified lead. An MQL is a potential lead that has expressed interest in your company and/or has the right general characteristics of your target audience, but they need to be further qualified. Marketing teams will send MQLs to their sales team who then engage with them to determine where they are in their buying journey. The sales team will then qualify that lead as an SQL if they should be further pursued or nurtured.

What digital marketing tactics can help my business grow?2021-03-04T14:47:25-07:00

There are so many great marketing tactics that can help grow your business but you’ll want to prioritize which tactics to start with. We can help you create a marketing strategy and recommend the best tactics based on your unique business and goals.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Matt Chitwood Headshot

“Working with StringCan helped us enter a new phase in the evolution of our business. StringCan was able to dig into our business and help us re-align and get laser-focused on a segment that is best for the strategic direction of the organization. The process was simultaneously exhilarating and exhausting — but worth every moment.”

Matt Chitwood, Principal of PIVIUM
John Stewart

“We greatly appreciate all the work StringCan team has done for Sunfare. They have been excellent to work with!”

John Stewart, CEO of Sunfare
Meredith DeAngelis

“Their strategic marketing team has immersed themselves in our business by working out at our health clubs, interviewing dozens of our current and prospective members, and secret shopped our competitors. Their buyer personas helped us better understand our audience… which is delivering high quality leads to our sales team.”

Meredith DeAngelis, CMO at Village Health Clubs & Spas

“The StringCan team provided clear actionable steps to fix the issues that they found and we are already seeing significant increase in both traffic and lead generation.”

Shawn Leonard, CEO at New Horizons Phoenix

“With so many digital marketing tactics, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. If you are looking to take your digital marketing knowledge to the next level and start generating results, I highly recommend taking advantage of this local opportunity.”

Elissa Rubman, Corporate Marketing Manager at DMB Inc.

“StringCan played a big role in developing our U.S. digital strategy by helping us identify our ideal American customer, and how best to connect with and influence this audience through SEO, PPC and content.”

Lucas Schmitter, Director of E-commerce at CroisiEurope

“What I experienced at StringCan was a team who was passionate, not only about marketing but about me, my company, and what I needed to say to my audience. I recommend companies that are looking for a solid marketing and action plan and a team that will go the extra mile to consider StringCan.”

Lynne King Smith, CEO at TicketForce

“StringCan has been an amazing and important resource for the Terravita Community by providing an online presence strategy and executing the complex and always changing tactics to help grow our online presence. They are very proactive, easy to work with and provides us with metrics and updates that allow us to track the strong performance results that are the culmination of their work on our behalf.”

Tom Forbes, General Manager at Terravita Country Club


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