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Why You Should Treat Your Customers Like Family

Your business is thriving because of your amazing customers. Finding, and more importantly keeping, those amazing customers is one of your top objectives. One of the best business practices to follow is to treat your customers like they’re family. By being open, direct, and honest with your customers you build the same sense of authenticity and transparency as you would in your communications with family members. This type of interaction builds loyalty and shows your customers that you appreciate them. Below are four reasons why your business should treat customers like family. 

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Why Family is the Heart of Our Business

Ask us what we are at StringCan Interactive, and you might hear “digital marketing agency.” While that label sounds generic, we’re far from run-of-the-mill. As an entrepreneur with a deep passion for marketing, it was always really important to me to spend time on work that really matters. And as such, we’ve carved a niche for ourselves at StringCan with family-focused businesses. This has become not only our bread and butter, but also our heart. And I’m about to tell you why.

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Level Up Your Digital Marketing Career

Digital marketing is a super fun career and it’s well-suited to those that thrive on change, enjoy shiny objects here and there (techy geeky stuff), and making a difference for those they help market their products or services. Whenever you’re looking to make forward strides in careers of any kind, it can be frustrating to know exactly what steps to take that will make a difference. I get it – your time is limited, so you need to know that whatever you’re investing it in is going to pay off in terms of forward progress.

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From One Entrepreneur to Another: What Your Digital Marketing Strategy Needs

If I had to choose a few terms that describe the roles I’ve loved most in my career, I’d probably land on “serial entrepreneur” and “digital marketer.” In my businesses, it’s worked in my favor that I understand the entrepreneurial journey as well as the nuts and bolts of strategic marketing. But unless you run a marketing agency like I do, you might not have the luxury of simultaneously being a marketing professional.

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Welcome StringCan’s New Paid Media Account Manager - Sarah Rex

Meet Sarah #3! This week we have welcomed a new addition to our #stringfam. She is our third “Sara(h)” to be joining us, so feel free to call her Rex. Sarah is enthusiastic and eager to jump into her new position! Learn more about her in our interview:

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What The "S" in HTTPS Means for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Earlier this year, Google announced that it will increase web security and provide better information for users by indicating http sites as non-secure, and giving higher search engine rankings to https sites. As consumers conduct more and more of their personal and financial lives online every year, and as hackers become more savvy in accessing this data, extra security features give consumers and businesses the ability to protect their data out on the web. But what does this mean for your business’s digital marketing strategy?

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Welcome StringCan’s New Account Director - Sara Dietz

StringCan Interactive is proud to introduce our newest #StringFam member, Sara Dietz, Account Director. Sara is a calm yet enthusiastic, hardworking, and ambitious person looking forward to her work with our current and future clients, and our team. Learn more about Sara by reading our interview:

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The Trifecta: Our Top Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

If you're worried about spooking your budget (we couldn't resist the Halloween pun), as you round out 2017 and make your way into planning for 2018, these digital marketing tips will allow you to expand your reach even when you don't have the time or the budget to work with a digital marketing partner. By implementing these strategies, you'll increase your digital marketing ROI and watch your efforts achieve better results… This is where most people leave you hanging, hoping you’ll jump into boilerplate tips. These tips are ones we use for our company, and our clients, because they work! Below are our ultimate guides, platinum editions if you will, of our top 3 digital marketing strategies that you can implement with your current resources. 

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Welcome StringCan’s New Director of Sales & Marketing - Shana O'Connor

StringCan Interactive is proud to introduce our newest #StringFam member, Shana (shay-na) O'Connor, Director of Sales & Marketing. Shana is a positive, passionate, and ambitious person looking forward to her work with our future clients and our team. Learn more about Shana by reading our interview:

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Savvy Social Media: 3 Ways to Get Focused

As a business owner, you’re constantly peppered with information about social media trends, emerging platforms, new advertising options… you get the idea. Everyone has an opinion about the number of channels you should keep active, the type(s) of content you should push out through each, and the overarching strategy that is going to yield you ROI for your efforts. We take a different approach here at StringCan…

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