Our Strategic Approach Helps Grow Your Business

We believe in putting strategy before tactics. Strategy can be a scary word that sounds expensive and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be, and at StringCan it isn’t. You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint, right? Don’t invest time and money into spray and pray marketing. Our 4D Strategy approach is effective and agile, helping you to launch the right tactics quickly. We create marketing campaigns that resonate with your ideal audience cutting through the noise and turning marketing into a profit center.
“StringCan demystified marketing for us. They have helped us increase leads by 180%, and achieve 3 consecutive record sales months at the highest price point in company history. They helped us focus our efforts on the clients we wanted most and to avoid selling to the clients who did not value our offering. Their personas helped us target our message and the results were dramatic. Our lead generation and bookings – which were in decline in the 4th quarter of 2015 – rebounded in 2016 leading to record bookings.”
Scott Novis, Founder and CEO at GameTruck

Our Strategic Approach To Your Digital Marketing Needs

It all starts with Discovery, where we uncover the problems hindering your growth, followed by our Diagnosis, where we analyze your company’s digital footprint, your target market, and what obstacles are blocking you from maximizing results. Once we collect data, we can best identify how to Differentiate your business and Direct your digital marketing efforts. We call this our 4D Process.

During implementation, we Create your assets and content, Syndicate your content and build relationships, and then Promote your content, your assets, and your organization. Finally, as we produce results, we Analyze those results and continually optimize in order to generate maximum growth.


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