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Your brand is the heart and soul of your business and it’s speaking to your prospective customers even before your sales team. Your mission is the reason for why you do what you do. Having the right brand values and reputation management to support your brand is what will differentiate you from all the rest.

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Start With Branding in Mind

“Wait, I’ve heard of you! You’re the company that does cool stuff and has amazing service! I’d know your brand anywhere. And that logo? Yeah I’d wear a shirt with it front and center.”

THAT, dear friends, is your brand.

Where businesses get it wrong is by thinking a brand is fixed and forever, or that it’s ‘speaking’ well of your company. Does your brand represent not only who you are but where you want to go? Does your brand hit an emotional nerve with prospects? Great brands are a foundation for loyal customers to return time and again. Oh, and those same customers will tell their friends.

StringCan excels at brand identity development which will help build your brand promise and create an identity that represents who you are while resonating with your customers.


Brand Identity Development

Our team of marketing strategists start by hosting a virtual (or in-person) brand strategy workshop where we help build the foundation of your brand that will guide your digital marketing efforts and shape your brand identity for the future.

Before you can invest in growing your business, you need to make sure your brand, your mission, your purpose, and identity are thoughtfully created so you not only build something that can grow and drive revenue, but is fulfilling a meaningful purpose that excites everyone who comes across your brand.

Our Brand Development Process Includes:

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Market Analysis
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Brand Strategy Workshop
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Differentiation Ideas
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Company Brand Promise & Positioning
Grounding Brand Identity in Values
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Company Brand Personality & Voice

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