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One of our values is Step Forward. And we live that value by consistently growing, innovating, and changing. It's not easy, but someone's got to do it. Lucky for us, we love it.

August 25, 2023

A Strong COO Is Invaluable: Here’s How To Get This Right

April 13, 2023

Next Level Growth - Getting a Return on Life with Jay Feitlinger

Getting a Return on Life
January 3, 2023

Empowering Foster Youth with Opportunity for a Great Life

Fostering Heroes
November 2, 2022

Business Wellness Challenge with Patterson SportsCoaching

Business Wellness Challenge
July 1, 2022

Is your ratio of time spent on work vs. personal all wrong?

December 1, 2021

10 Talks with Sarah Shepard and Patterson Sports Coaching

From Grief 2 Growth
June 1, 2021

Top Digital Marketing Agency by DesignRush

DesignRush Top 30 Agencies in Arizona
May 28, 2021

Tracking the Right Metrics: Identifying Lagging and Leading KPIs

Podcast with Sweet Process and Sarah Shepard
May 10, 2021

100 Best Places to Work in Arizona

AZ Big Media
April 29, 2021

2021 Healthiest Employers – Top 10 Micro Companies

Healthiest Employers presented by Cigna
March 23, 2021

14 Big Ways Companies Have Failed at Remote Work (and How They Can Get Back on Track)

Business Journals Leadership Trust
March 22, 2021

15 Effective Ways to Keep Your Teams on Track While They’re Working From Home

Business Journals Leadership Trust
March 17, 2021

13 Ways Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs Can Find the Perfect Mentor

Business Journals Leadership Trust
March 15, 2021

How to Get Rid of Cash Flow Nightmares Once and For All

Phoenix Business Journal
March 9, 2021

12 Strategies to Help Your Team Set Clear, Actionable Goals

Business Journals Leadership Trust
February 17th, 2021

This is the No. 1 Distraction From Growing Your Business

Phoenix Business Journal
February 5th, 2021

13 Bad Habits That Can Keep Entrepreneurs From Achieving Success

Business Journals Leadership Trust
January 29, 2021

11 Leaders’ Tips for Boosting Sluggish Workplace Morale After the Holidays

Business Journals Leadership Trust
January 18, 2021

Is Your Ratio of Time Spent on Work vs. Personal All Wrong?

Phoenix Business Journal
January 15, 2021

10 Essential Factors to Review in Your Annual Company ‘Postmortem’

Business Journal Leadership Trust
December 14, 2020

Why Technology Needs to be Tamed

Phoenix Business Journal
December 14, 2020

15 Pro Tips for Crafting a Winning Virtual Sales Pitch

Business Journal Leadership Trust
December 8, 2020

15 Tips for Making a Great First Impression on a New Partner or Client

Business Journal Leadership Trust
November 19, 2020

Making Progress or Just Busy? 15 Ways to Evaluate (and Boost) Your Productivity

Business Journal Leadership Trust
November 12, 2020

Being Present Isn’t Just Better Personally — It’s a Professional Necessity

Phoenix Business Journal
October 29, 2020

Turn Customer Complaints Into Company Lessons with These 14 Tips

Business Journal Leadership Trust
October 27, 2020

16 Small Actions That Can Make a Huge Difference in Your Customers’ Experience

Business Journal Leadership Trust
October 10, 2020

Easy Ways to Measure and Manage Marketing Performance

Phoenix Business Journal
October 4, 2020

11 Revealing Questions to Ask During New Client Onboarding

Business Journal Leadership Trust
September 16, 2020

Three Reliable Approaches to Get Ahead of Your Competitors Online

Phoenix Business Journal
September 3, 2020

Team Building and Community Giving with Sarah Shepard

A-Z Biz Link Podcast
August 21, 2020

The Numbers Every Entrepreneur Should Know (They Might Surprise You)

Phoenix Business Journal
August 24, 2020

Business Journal Unveils Valley’s 2020 Healthiest Employers Finalists

Phoenix Business Journal
July 30, 2020

Overcome Hurdles In Your Organization With These 15 Tips

Business Journals Leadership Trust
July 29, 2020

How You Can Start Prioritizing Today

Phoenix Business Journal
July 14, 2020

14 Clear Signs Your Business Needs to Pivot to Survive

Business Journals Leadership Trust
July 8, 2020

Why You Should Take a ‘Strategy Before Tactics’ Approach to Marketing

Phoenix Business Journal
July 2020

Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Scottsdale

June 29, 2020

Second in Command Podcast

COO Alliance
June 23, 2020

Speaker Series: High Efficiency Leadership

June 17, 2020

Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencers of 2020

June 5, 2020

Giving and Getting Constructive Feedback

Phoenix Business Journal
May 22, 2020

15 Strategies for Finding the Best Business Vendor for Your Needs

Business Journals Leadership Trust
April 29, 2020

Why and When Business Leaders Should Ask For Help

Phoenix Business Journal
April 27, 2020

StringCan Interactive Offers Free Marketing Plans to Restaurants

Good Food Finder
April 24, 2020

Hometown Heroes: StringCan Interactive

AZ Big Media
April 23, 2020

StringCan Interactive Provides Free Marketing Services to Valley Restaurants

April 22, 2020

Digital Marketing Firm Pledges Services to Local Restaurants Amid COVID-19 Challenges

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Best Wellness Employers

Wellness Workdays
October 17, 2019

Corporate Philanthropy 2019 Volunteerism small company finalist: StringCan Interactive

Phoenix Business Journal
June 19, 2019

NowGen Hosts Inaugural Professional Panel for Jewish Men

Jewish News
June 13, 2019

Turning Managers into Leaders

AZ Biz Link
May 30, 2019

FederationNowGen/Business & Professionals Group

Men’s Professional Panel
January 17, 2019

Is Agile Scrum Methodology Right for Your Business?

Business News Daily

Customer Success Story

March 16, 2018

Scottsdale Digital Marketing Agency Expands to Larger Office, Hiring

Phoenix Business Journal
March 16, 2018

Meet Jay Feitlinger of StringCan Interactive in Scottsdale

April 24, 2018

How a Group of Arizona Entrepreneurs Gave New Hope to a San Juan Rum Boutique

Phoenix Business Journal
October 11, 2017

The Pivotal Leader Podcast

Pivotal Leader with Gina Trimarco

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