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Just Because Everyone Else is Doing it, Doesn't Make it Right For You

From a capabilities standpoint, we can “do” anything you’ve heard is hot in digital marketing – from mobile to social media, from brand building to “traditional” search marketing, you name it. But the StringCan difference is: just because we can do it, it doesn’t mean we will – we use the unique strategy that we create for your business to only implement tactics that are going to generate results for you and your customers.





We create a strategy that identifies the biggest obstacle and opportunities to get the most success out of your marketing.

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Website & SEO Technical Analysis
We complete a full audit of your website to identify opportunities to optimize the user experience and overall site performance goals.

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Buyer Persona Development
We create humanized versions of your target markets so you can identify who your audience is, what their pain points are, and how you can best connect with them through online marketing.

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Positioning & Messaging
We analyze your competitors and create smart positioning and messaging statements to help you resonate with your audience and stand out from the competition.

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Inbound Marketing Roadmap
We give you a complete strategic roadmap to address what your company should focus on in the short and long term to get the most success out of your inbound marketing campaigns.



We implement marketing campaigns that attract, convert, and nurture your audience with a seamless user experience.

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Lead Generation
Not all leads are created equal. We focus on the leads that are going to be more likely to close so we don’t waste your sales team’s time.

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Lead Nurturing
Just because you have a person’s contact information, doesn’t make them an automatic sale. We provide value and build a relationship with the leads you have through strategic and automated lead nurturing.

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Marketing Automation
Using a machine to email anyone who visits your site isn’t helpful. Having a smart strategy of how to interact with potential customers, and automating that personalize process is helpful!

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ROI Reporting
If we are going to invest money on marketing we need to understand the true impact to your business by measuring ROI on a consistent basis.

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Search Engine Optimization
We work to optimize your website using persona-centric content that will help you show up for the right people, at the right time, when they are looking for your product or service.

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Content Marketing
We make sure the content you have is not only seen but read and engaged with by your target personas and introduces them into your smarketing funnel.

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Paid Media Marketing
We develop comprehensive plans and optimize your paid media campaigns to identify opportunities to lower costs, generate more leads, and increase ROI for your business.

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Email Marketing
With email marketing we help design a value-oriented campaign that provides your personas with helpful content and directs them to your website.

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Social Media Marketing
We diagnose your social footprint and prescribe a social media strategy focusing on the networks that your personas visit and more importantly engage on providing the landscape to build an engaged online community of brand advocates.


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We want to help you learn more about digital marketing in order to get the best performance out of your campaigns. We create easy to follow guides and presentations to help your team learn.


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