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Two things are for sure: software tool counts are through the roof, and automation is everything. The complexities and intertwined tools are what we love unraveling, so that marketing automation doesn't feel like work.

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CRM and Marketing Automation

The main issue that most companies make with their website is that they mistake traffic for results. Your site could have a huge number of views consistently every month, and never get one sale or conversion without the proper marketing funnel strategy.

The issue is that they don’t view you as the authority in your space or relevant to solving their problem. You may also be bringing in viewers to your pages, yet you’re not converting them over into buyers.

Having a strategy to automate and integrate the sales and marketing tools is crucial to success, at all levels of the buying and customer journeys.

How We Automate

Implementing workflow automation with a CRM process to build trust and convert prospects into buyers. This can be done through landing page design for conversion optimization, and behavior-based email marketing.

We apply workflows to engage leads at critical points in their unique buying process while simultaneously notifying your sales team of purchasing behavior. Based on business goals, we then identify hot leads through lead scoring based on engagement, such as watching a video, and page tracking.

Our Marketing Automation Services Include:

Marketing automation
CRM strategy
Conversion optimization
Lead scoring
Workflow automation
Call tracking
CRM process
Landing page design and development
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