Strategy & Roadmap

You Wouldn’t Build a House Without an Architect or a Blueprint, Right?

Before you dive into any digital marketing tactics, you should start with a plan, a strategy – a living breathing document that helps you understand what digital marketing tactics you should implement based on your ideal customer and how they should be prioritized to help you get found and start generating leads and sales that will impact your bottom line.

Why is a marketing plan important? It’s key to creating an ad plan, knowing what platform to be on for your audience, narrowing down your buyer personas, and choosing the right tactics for your goals. This roadmap will give your team focus and shows you what you should expect in the next 30, 60, 90+ days.

We give you strategic, actionable direction that is going to help your team get the results you want.

Your Roadmap Includes

Website and Marketing Audit

We complete a full audit of your website to identify opportunities to optimize the user experience and overall site performance. Including: Analytics overview, conversion tracking / ROI analysis, heat mapping, competitive analysis, website & content, website user experience analysis and SEO audit

Persona Development and Customer Journey Mapping

We create humanized versions of your target markets so you can identify who your audience is, what their pain points are, and how you can best connect with them throughout their buying journey.

Your Customized Plan

We give you a complete strategic roadmap to give you direction on the digital marketing tactics you should implement, based on your personas, prioritized to generate leads and sales that will impact your bottom line