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From Childhood Lessons to Thanksgiving Traditions: My Journey in Giving Back

From childhood lessons in Detroit to Thanksgiving traditions in Chicago, follow Jason's journey of giving back with StringCan's Volunteer Time Off.

Embracing 'Why Before What' in 2024

Discover the transformative power of 'why' in business and personal growth. Explore strategic innovation, embrace curiosity, and unlock opportunities by asking the right questions.

Learn to Flex your Communication for Your Team

One of the best communication tips to improve company culture and productivity is to engage in flexible communication. Here’s a look at why, and how to get started.

Tips for Treating Your Clients During the Holiday Season

Giving clients gifts at the holidays can either help in strengthening relationships - or flop. Here’s how to make sure your gifts are received in the spirit you’re giving them.

Take A Peek Inside StringCan's Intentionally Designed Brand Launch

We recently underwent a brand update and are thrilled with the results. Here’s a look at our refreshed company mission, vision and values, as well as new logo and website - and how we drive business impact.

A Strong COO Is Invaluable: Here’s How To Get This Right

When it comes to hiring a chief operating officer, you’re really looking to form a strong business partnership. Here are some leadership tips to do this successfully.

Beyond Generic Teamwork: Here’s What Our Team Really Means to Us

The power of teams can’t be denied, but the value of a team goes far beyond catchphrases. Here’s what we believe real collaboration looks like.

Remote Work Is Here To Stay: How To Win With A Distributed Team

Remote work isn’t going anywhere. At StringCan, we maximize having a distributed team and offering flexibility in the workplace - and you can, too.

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