Check out this recap from all of our 2019 summer vacations!

Jay:This summer, I spent 3 weeks traveling through Italy with my wife, Rachel. My favorite part of the trip was spending time in Lucca and getting introduced to the chefs at an amazing local restaurant. We took a private 1/2 day class learning how to make different types of Pasta!

Jay at Pasta Class

Sarah: I love summertime! I'm a water-sign through and through and summer is my favorite. This summer I started it off with a bang by going to Vegas with my mom to see Ilia Schlesinger. We had such an amazing mother-daughter trip and even had dinner through an earthquake. Then I trekked back to my old home state of Washington with my bestie Cheyenne to smell all the smells at the Lavender Festival in Sequim. Then I topped it all off with a trip to Cabo with my mom and her friends. We had a blast surviving a booze cruise and a hurricane, but thankfully not all in one night. HA! I also had the best birthday ever at Sunsplash with my mom and nephew!

Sarah in Lavender Field

Andrea:I took a family trip to Seattle and Victoria, British Columbia this September. In Seattle we saw all the sights like Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the underground tour, Woodinville Wineries, and ventured out on a couple hikes. In Victoria we loved seeing all the flowers and wildlife like orca whales, squirrels and racoons in the backyard, and deer in the front yard of our AirBnB! My favorite part was visiting 19th century castles and closing out the day at historic British pubs.

Andrea BC

Rex: This first pic is from La Jolla at La Valencia, we had wine and crab cakes errday.The second pic down below is from Yankees stadium - I love the Yankees and Aaron Judge! Woot Woot.

Rex La Jolla

Jake:After graduating from ASU in May, I took off on an eight-day road trip that took me through Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Bishop, and Joshua Tree. It was awesome checking out some of the waterfalls in Yosemite and waking up to a new adventure every day. One of my favorite nights was when we camped out at a natural hot spring under the full moon with the snow capped mountains in the distance!

Jake Yosemite

Shana:This summer I was fortunate enough to take quite a few trips including the Hamptons, Newport Beach, Rocky Point, Seattle and the best for last Croatia! I highly recommend going to Croatia! It is the clearest ocean I've ever seen. I feel so lucky to be working for a company that encourages you to take breaks and travel. It definitely inspires me to work harder. We also have a great team to help support each of us while we're away. Summer 2019 was definitely one to remember!


Dietz: This year for my summer vacation, I went to two different places, on opposite ends of the coast! In July, I went to Newport Beach, California for my annual 4th of July trip with all of my friends! This was year 6 for us! We had the best time like we always do just hanging on the beach during the day and going out to the Newport bars at night. This year we had a rooftop so we could hang out up there and watch the fireworks! It's always one of my favorite trips every year!The second summer vacation I took was wayyyyy on the other side of the US in the Hamptons! That was my first experience going to the Hamptons and I can say hands down say it won't be my last! I went for a friend's bachelorette party. I can't spill all the secrets (it's a bachelorette party after all) but what I can say is we went to the beach (surprise) and all celebrated the bride to be! It was such a memorable trip and can't wait to go again someday!

Dietz Hamptons

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Speaking of actions becoming more effortless, this is another book of McKeown’s that topped our 2022 reading list. Adding onto the powerful guidance around essentialism, this read delivers “proven strategies for making the most important activities the easiest ones,” like mapping out the minimum number of steps, finding the courage to “be rubbish” and more.
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