A website says a lot about a business’s culture as well as the product or services they are selling. If you are not making a great first impression with your website, you are missing out on key lead generation opportunities. If you are ready to start generating traffic to your website, here are four secrets you need to know.

Generate traffic by guest writing for well-known publications that your audience reads.

You can have a gorgeous, conversion-ready website, but if no one finds it, all that hard work was pointless. One way to get high quality traffic is getting published on websites that allow guest writers. For beginners, check out guest writing for sites like LifeHacker, for experts, look into guest-writing for sites like Business Insider.

Don’t try out every web design trend at once.

Less is more for a reason. You want visitors to remember you because of your awesome product or service and your killer content, not because every CSS transition known to man is on your homepage. And speaking of content….

Experiment with different types of content.

What can help you stand out in a noisy digital landscape is having a good mix of content mediums. Some great types of content to create include infographics, short videos and SlideShare presentations. When it comes to your website, in order to get found on search engines, in most cases, leveraging a blog that has consistent, relevant and quality content published will help push you ahead of the competition.Once your blog is added to your website, your blog posts do not need to just be copy. You can embed the content recommendations mentioned above in your blog posts, such as including a short video introducing your product or service to add value to the blog topic. Spicing up your content will strengthen your company blog, increasing engagement, adding value, pushing users along your sales funnel, and your potential customers will thank you for it.

Have multiple opt-in forms throughout your website.

One form on your “Contact Us” page isn’t going to cut it. Users need reminders about your email list numerous times if they are going to subscribe. An email address is a valuable staple in online marketing, and users won’t give it up the first time you ask.

Work Habits & Productivity

2. Effortless
Speaking of actions becoming more effortless, this is another book of McKeown’s that topped our 2022 reading list. Adding onto the powerful guidance around essentialism, this read delivers “proven strategies for making the most important activities the easiest ones,” like mapping out the minimum number of steps, finding the courage to “be rubbish” and more.
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About the Author:
Jay Feitlinger

Jay, the CEO of StringCan, oversees strategy and vision, building culture that makes going into work something he looks forward to, recruiting additional awesome team members to help exceed clients goals, leading the team and allocating where StringCan invests time and money.


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