Do you want to increase your company's revenue? I mean who is actually going to answer no? Of course, you do! Here's how to use Facebook to get new business.

Be where your consumers are

Even though Facebook has been around for ages it is still the most used platform with nearly 2.45 billion monthly active users. In fact, 90 million small businesses use Facebook and keep in mind that many of them are sticking to free tools. Only 24.6 percent of Facebook Pages use paid media.

Keep up with how content is evolving

It’s not enough to have a Facebook profile page, you need to understand the digital content and how the average consumer is evolving.

  • Post content that will keep your ideal personas on it for a longer length of time.
  • Make sure your content is mobile-friendly as 94 percent of Facebook's advertising revenue comes from mobile devices.
  • Fill out every single field of your profile pages, this will help your consumers get to know you.
  • Use videos to help engage your audience. Here’s an example of a quick video we created to help promote our eBook.

Understand how social media content can help drive sales

A lot of people still don’t understand how revenue can come directly from social media but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. When it comes to discovering new brands or products in-store or online, Facebook plays a huge role. In fact, 15 percent of U.S. social media users shop on Facebook, also keep in mind that 80.4 percent are referrals. According to Market Force research, 81 percent of its 12,000 respondents from the U.S. and UK confirmed that their purchase decisions were influenced by recommendation posts from friends.

À la carte - understand how to get most out of your posts

  1. Inventory - What’s on the menu? What are you offering?
  2. Signals - Is it lunch or dinner time? Is your audience active?
  3. Prediction - Will your persona enjoy this?
  4. Score - Order! Gather their information like email, phone, interests, etc.

Facebook advertising isn’t going away anytime soon and it could be a valuable way for you to target and engage your ideal customer. If you need help understanding the platform or creating a Facebook advertising strategy, let us know. We’d be happy to help!

Work Habits & Productivity

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Speaking of actions becoming more effortless, this is another book of McKeown’s that topped our 2022 reading list. Adding onto the powerful guidance around essentialism, this read delivers “proven strategies for making the most important activities the easiest ones,” like mapping out the minimum number of steps, finding the courage to “be rubbish” and more.
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