Have you been advertising on Google Ads for awhile now, but have recently been seeing floundering results? This is a good indication your declining click through rate (CTR) needs life support. When it comes to how to increase CTR of website or ads, or improve website conversion rates, there’s a lot you can do to take back your power and make some positive changes. Here are some ad optimization tips, so you can correct course and breathe more life into your CTR.

Adjustments are Key

Rarely is there anything in the marketing world that you can truly “set and forget,” at least if you want to have success with them. Google Ads are no exception. If you’ve been using Google Ads and not seeing any results, or seeing a gradual nosedive in the number of clicks you’re getting, something isn’t working. Make sure that the person in charge of managing your campaign (which may be you) is making frequent enough changes to your ads. If they’re not performing well, try changing the copy. Still not working? Include a different call-to-action (CTA). Then, see if each change causes an improvement in your click through rate. Whatever you do, don’t just leave your ads stagnant. Even good ads need to be changed every so often to keep consumers interested.

Placement is Priceless

You have a marketing budget, and you’re careful about how it gets allocated. That’s the smart way to handle marketing, and we get it. But sometimes you need to invest a little more heavily in order to yield a greater return. If you’ve switched up your ad copy and your CTA, but still aren’t seeing an improvement in the number of clicks you’re getting, placement might be the issue. Try bidding your ad up to get better placement, and spring for the extra cost for a set period of time to see if it ends up getting you better results. If so, it might be worth it to continue the practice and balance your budget by shaving that amount off from a different, lower-yielding tactic.

Do You Have a Quality Score?

Your quality score is Google's rating of your keywords and ads, in terms of relevance and quality. The better your quality score, the better your ad ranking. So it, quite literally, pays to have higher quality ads. Take your time doing keyword research, and then using those keywords in your ad and your landing page. Make sure you’re targeting your ideal buyer persona(s) with your ad, too, so that all the copy and imagery you use connects with that particular audience. If it does, your quality score is likely to be much higher. If it doesn’t? Well, you won’t get a whole lot out of your ads. Looking for more ads optimization tips or ideas on how to improve website conversion rate? Give us a call!

Work Habits & Productivity

2. Effortless
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