Social media provides you with a great opportunity to show off a different side of your company. Every year, company culture is becoming a bigger part of what motivates employees to work for certain companies. Company culture is essentially the personality of a company. It’s what differentiates the mindset, attitude, beliefs and behaviors of everyday office life.

Young adults seeking employment especially want to find a company culture that matches their lifestyle. Utilizing social media to show off your company culture can play a huge role in determining what kind of people will ultimately end up working with you and is a great way to show clients and/or partners how you interact with each other.

When it comes to making social media posts to attract talent, an important rule is to put out what you want to bring in. We like to include a mix of fun things we do around the office along with the hard work we put in everyday to help our clients succeed. We want new employees to know we truly pride ourselves on making our working environment fun because who wants to dread going into a boring office?! But with that, we also work really hard to make sure every dollar our client’s spend brings them a positive return. We want new talent who understands we definitely work hard first but make sure to have a lot of fun along the way.

Along with attracting the right kind of talent, displaying a welcoming company culture on social media can also make the right client prospects want to work with you. Sharing what you value as a company can help make you more relatable to your prospects. Everyone likes working with happy people who work well together to efficiently and effectively get things done.  

Here are a couple ideas for sharing your company culture on social media to attract clients and employees:

1. Behind the scenes post

Show off what it looks like to be in your office on an average day. This can be a picture of anything from a meeting to an office party. Posts like this will give your prospects a feel for your office’s environment.

2.  Employee Feature

Make a social post highlighting one of the members of your team. Talk about their background, skills and hobbies. This type of posts humanizes your office. It gives your work environment a more personal touch and gives your prospects an idea of who they will be working with.

3. Company Event

Share posts of the things that you do as a company outside of the office. Whether this is a picture of a team happy hour or from group volunteering, sharing photos from a company event can show your prospects you can work together and actually enjoy hanging out with one another.

If you need any help with your social media strategy, StringCan has your back! As always, feel free to contact us.

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