Recently, WordPress technology company WP Engine announced it would be acquiring five of the best developer tools from Delicious Brains. If you love WordPress as much as we do (or are even considering using it as you start down the road of how to build a website), you might be curious about what this means to you. Here’s a look at these WordPress updates and how it could affect your website plans.


All of the tools that WP Engine is acquiring from Delicious Brains have one thing in common: they’re designed especially for developers. Here’s an overview of each:

  • Advanced Custom Fields - Enables the creation of CMS solutions with WordPress.
  • WP Migrate (formerly WP Migrate DB Pro) - A workflow tool for pushing/pulling the database, media, themes, and plugins between WordPress installs.
  • WP Offload Media - Copies media files to cloud storage (e.g. Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, or Google Cloud Storage, rewrites URLs, and serves media from a storage provider or CDN).
  • Better Search Replace - Migration solution that runs a search/replaces on the database when migrating a WordPress site.
  • WP Offload SES - Configures WordPress site to send all emails via an Amazon SES account.

The Impact to WordPress Users

Customers who already use WordPress will be able to continue using the software mostly as normal, with an even more seamless experience. These acquisitions strengthen the WP Engine platform, through increasing and expanding functionality like Advanced Custom Fields’ block-building. WordPress has committed to further innovation and investment into these tools and its existing toolset. “ACF, WP Migrate, and all of these plugins are tools the modern WordPress developer can’t live without,” Heather Brunner, chairwoman, and CEO of WP Engine said in a press release. “In combination with Local and our Genesis Framework, we continue to innovate and invest in our portfolio of essential builder tools so they’re not just used by developers to build WordPress sites today, but continue to be the preferred way of building for the next decade. We want to be the champion of the WordPress developer and make WP Engine their platform of choice for their most important digital experiences.”We’re big fans of WordPress and its uses, and believe these acquisitions of some of the best developer tools will only serve to benefit marketers and developers even more. Need help building your website or figuring out WordPress? We would love to help!

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About the Author:
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