Most companies invest considerable time and resources into their company branding, in terms of developing their logo, color scheme, taglines, website aesthetics, and so forth. But did you know that your team members also impact your brand in some pretty major ways? Many businesses haven’t yet tapped into the fact that the value of a team can go a long way in building a strong brand. Here’s how this works, and how to make the most of it.

Morale Bleeds Out

Sometimes, business owners compartmentalize. They know that their customer service folks interface with clients, so they give them ample training and ensure they’re aware of best practices. But what about the team as a whole? The reality is that every single person within your company is influencing your external image, whether it’s direct or indirect. One of the biggest ways this happens is through morale. If your team members get along, respect one another and have learned to collaborate in healthy ways, chances are good your internal culture is a positive one. On the flip side, derision, gossip and conflict between team members can lead to negative vibes and dysfunctional relationships. Now, imagine being a customer service representative, immersed in a positive culture. How might you interact with customers? How would you view your job? Likely, you’d see it in a good light and approach customers with respect and empathy. If your daily interactions with coworkers are contentious, though, the poor morale will bleed over into your work. Customers might not be able to pinpoint why, but their experiences with your company will either be positive or negative based on how happy or unhappy your team members are.

Team Members Make Your Brand Human

Years ago, a company might have a single dedicated spokesperson, and/or the CEO might be the face of their company. But today? Social media has made it so that every employee of yours is digitally, publicly representing your brand. Since you can’t avoid this, make sure it’s working in your business’s favor. Are your employees speaking highly of your company? Are they trained about what they can and cannot share about the business online? When team members are good digital citizens, they can humanize your brand and reflect positively on your entire company. But when they’re not, they can do serious damage. Make sure you’re proactive in addressing when and how they speak about your company before they ever start.

Elevating Your Employer Brand

The next aspect to consider about your employees and your brand is how they can shape your recruitment efforts. When prospective team members are interested in your company, they usually do two things: research your company and then research your team members. They want to know not only what kind of business they’ll be entering, but also who their coworkers will be. Better yet, they want to know if your culture is fun and supportive. If you work with your existing team members to intentionally elevate your employer brand, it can do a lot to attract top talent. Encourage posting of cool internal events, exciting company news, and glimpses into camaraderie or even light-hearted silliness, if that’s your team’s vibe. However you slice it, your staff will definitely impact your company branding. So as you’re building a strong brand, involve your team members in improving your culture, painting a positive company reputation, and embracing digital best practices. Interested in working with our strong team and intentional culture? Give us a call!

Work Habits & Productivity

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