With the increasing need for effective digital marketing over the last few years or so, marketers have been throwing around this familiar term “personas”. The most innovative universities even have their professors introducing this term in their classes to business and marketing students. But what does it mean and why do we need them?

Let’s make this simple to understand. You wouldn’t shoot an arrow to hit a target without aiming first, right? We can’t all be Katniss Everdeen and hit flying monkeys while trying to avoid a swarm of killer bees. But the point is Katniss takes careful aim before she shoots every single arrow, and mastered the skill through endless practice.

Personas represent the careful aim-before-you-shoot approach for your business. Personas are a semi-fictional representation of your target audience that creates alignment and gives direction for your marketing efforts. You’re probably tired of wasting all your marketing dollars going after people who really have no impact on your business. You create content and advertisements and put them up on your website and social media platforms just for people to just scroll on past. But it doesn’t always have to be this way!

Here at StringCan, we believe in aiming before you shoot because it saves you time, money, effort, and the headache. We do this by creating personas to help companies align their marketing goals and efforts with the right audiences to grow their business. Every business needs customers, and the most effective way to find out who your most impactful customers are, is to do some research and create personas so you know exactly who to direct your marketing efforts towards.  We’ve worked with many different marketing automation platforms, and have found that HubSpot makes it simple to organize your persona information, and segment the contacts and leads you gain into the various persona buckets. From there, you can come up with a game plan on how to best optimize your marketing efforts to attract these personas.

See why everyone’s been talking about personas lately? It’s because they actually work. According to HubSpot, leveraging marketing personas has made websites 2-5 times more effective and easier to use by targeting users. We have created an SlideShare explaining why your HubSpot marketing efforts will fail without personas, and a simple worksheet on how to make personas to get you started.

Download our Persona Worksheet so you can create your own personas. We also included one of StringCan personas, Fill In The Gaps Gina, as an example to follow by filling out the form.


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