Learn how to optimize your content to get found by your audience

SEO has always been an integral part of digital marketing, but with search engine algorithms getting smarter, an increase in mobile user activity, and more noise than ever before with every business creating an online presence, SEO is even more crucial to your company’s online success. The days of black hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing, hidden text, link schemes, and rich snippet markup spam, are long gone. Instead is a time where an inconsistent local citation can be a potential customer’s deciding factor between you and a competitor and where you only have a few seconds to impress users enough to get them engaged on your site before they go elsewhere.

We have provided a checklist for you of actionable steps to improve your seo optimization across various platforms such as content, video, local, and mobile. In order to get in front of your ideal customers, your online assets need to be perfected and optimized so that you are not losing  opportunities to your competitors. Jumping to the top of Google’s search results doesn’t happen overnight, but with these tips, your search rankings will increase your opportunities of getting found by your ideal audience. Don’t let your customers have all the control; here are the steps you need to take to put yourself in front of the people who will most positively impact your business: